The world is standing up in cities across the globe to say “No More!” It’s time for action on the climate crisis and ongoing global ecocide. On the heels of raging fires in the Amazon and around the world, the recent Global Climate Strike is building momentum to pressure our governments for action and the systemic change needed to tackle these crises before it’s too late … which is arguably now.

The Amazon rainforest and ecosystem is an essential and inextricable part of the Earth’s natural life support systems, and one of the most effective and important climate anchors we have. If the Amazon goes, we all go. We are standing in unity with our global family to call for an end to the destruction being advanced right now by capitalistic industrial forces for exploitation of minerals and lumber, and for the development of agricultural land, supported by corrupt governments and industrial lobbyists.


Beyond this global call to action, Soltara’s ties to the Amazon run deep and personal – from the master plant teachers that have healed and transformed us all, to the Shipibo communities we have worked alongside for years, who have opened their hearts and shared their wisdom and medicine with us – we stand in solidarity to continue the fight to protect this sacred land, its peoples, and its medicine.

Amazon Watch and Amazon Rainforest Conservancy are two nonprofit organizations who Soltara has partnered with in order to help them raise money to continue the work they tirelessly do to help protect the Amazon.

Amazon Watch works with indigenous groups to help protect their native lands and lobby governments for indigenous rights, while Amazon Rainforest Conservancy purchases and manages large tracts of virgin rainforest in the Tambopata region of Peru in order to protect it from the highly destructive practice of illegal gold mining, which razes the forest and pollutes the rivers to such a degree that the local fish have become inedible. They are tackling the same problem from different angles. And bravo to them.

Soltara will be matching up to $5000 in donations from our community. We all benefit from this ecosystem, and now we have been called to stand up and help protect her. Please join us in the fight and contribute to this campaign. If you can’t contribute, then please help the cause by sharing in your networks.

From the team and all involved,
Thank you.

Full Interview With Jana Bell

As part of a Soltara fundraising campaign for the Amazon rainforest, CEO and co-founder Daniel Cleland hosts an interview with Jana Bell, founder and president of Amazon Rainforest Conservancy, a Canadian nonprofit organization working to protect large tracts of rainforest in the Peruvian Tambopata region from the highly destructive activities of illegal gold mining.

Full Interview With Leila Salazar-Lopez

As part of the Soltara Amazon Fundraising Campaign, Leila Salazar-Lopez, Executive Director of Amazon Watch, a nonprofit working to protect indigenous land rights and justice, sits down with Daniel Cleland, CEO and co-founder of Soltara, to discuss the situation on the ground in the Amazon and what Amazon Watch is doing to help.