The path to healing is as unique as each person who walks it. By digging deep and understanding how we find meaning and what connects us to ourselves, we can utilize various tools, spaces and practices to do so on a regular basis.

At Soltara, we offer the chance to experience a variety of medicines and modalities to jumpstart the process and help you find what works for you. Whether it’s immersing yourself in nature, expressing your creative side, connecting to your body and breath, or experiencing deep spiritual healing through plant medicine ceremony – to name a few – we are committed to empowering you and your process, and helping you create the foundation for a truly fulfilling life.

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We work with the plant medicine of ayahuasca under the guidance of compassionate and highly-skilled Peruvian female and male Shipibo healers. When used in the appropriate context of sacred ceremony, this powerful brew can help facilitate deep healing on spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels.

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From boosting the immune system, mood, energy levels, focus, and sleep quality; to reducing blood pressure, stress hormones, and symptoms of depression, nature can be a powerful ally for your health and well-being. At Soltara, we are honored to offer an immersive experience exploring this medicine in one of the most abundant and biodiverse regions on the planet.

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The mind-body connection offers a powerful avenue for our conscious awareness to positively affect our overall health. By viewing our minds and bodies as a complete system working together, we can utilize this two-way street to activate our innate healing capabilities. We work with modalities such as yoga, meditation, massage, and pranayama (breathwork) to help you connect and heal.

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Learning to express oneself creatively and honestly through art, dance, music, and/or writing can be a potent form of healing. These various creative outlets are especially useful in helping to let go of things that no longer serve us. We are honored to provide our guests with a fully stocked art space at Soltara for you to tap into your creative side and get inspired!

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At Soltara, we honor the role of food in our lives and expand it beyond its primary purpose of bodily nourishment – food can be an avenue to dig deeper into ourselves, consciously looking at our patterns and mindsets surrounding not just what we eat, but how and why we eat what we do. Our eating habits don’t just affect our mental health; they also reflect it.

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We at Soltara have found, through our experience, that so much of healing comes from being vulnerable, breaking down walls, letting people in, and holding space for others to do the same. When we authentically share stories, struggles, and ideas, we open up the space to figure things out on a deep level, and remember that we are not alone.

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Knowledge empowers us to make meaning out of our life. It guides us on our journey of awareness and awakening, and deepens our understanding and connection to ourselves and the world. At Soltara, we work with highly qualified experts to offer informative and grounded content that empowers you with the tools necessary to take ownership of your healing journey.

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