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Seeking an Experienced Candidate Interested in Facilitation & Translation

Soltara Healing Center, a Shipibo ayahuasca center located on the mountainous shores of Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula, is seeking an experienced candidate interested in working with plant medicine, facilitating for guests both in and out of ceremony, and potentially assisting in translation for our Shipibo maestros.

Strict Requirements:

(please do not apply if you do not meet these requirements)

  • Have at least 50 personal ceremonies with ayahuasca (preferably within the Shipibo tradition)
  • Experience facilitating or assisting in plant medicine ceremonies for individuals or groups
  • Extensive experience working with people, both one-on-one and in a group capacity
  • Experience and/or willingness to live in community and work as part of a team which includes taking full responsibility for your own process while being able to hold space for others simultaneously.
  • Proficiency in Spanish

An ideal candidate will also have:

  • Significant experience with ayahuasca in the Shipibo tradition
  • Experience facilitating ayahuasca ceremonies/retreats in the Shipibo tradition
  • Fluency in Spanish and English, at a native level for both
  • Completed several dietas in the Shipibo tradition

Please note that Soltara will not respond if you do not meet the initial strict requirements as listed above.

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To Apply:

Please send a brief written personal introduction along with a CV/resume of your work experience(s) to Please explain your background and experience with plant medicines, your reasons for wanting to join our team, why you feel qualified to be of service in this way, and your availability and desired commitment in months/year. If you are fluent or proficient in Spanish, please include this information as well. Facilitators typically work 3 weeks, followed by 1 week off. We ask for a minimum commitment of 6 months out of the year (not necessarily consecutive).

We are grateful to offer this opportunity to take part in this important and fulfilling healing work alongside a vibrant medicine community!

Guest Process Manager

About Soltara

“Soltara” comes from the Spanish verb “soltar” which means to let go or release. At Soltara Healing Center we work with ayahuasca in the traditional Shipibo paradigm, with indigenous Shipibo master healers from the Peruvian Amazon. Located on the jungle-laden shores of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, we are the only exclusively Shipibo ayahuasca healing center in Costa Rica. We strive to uphold the integrity of the medicine work we do through upholding the traditions of the Shipibo people and their curanderos, or healers. Our focus on integration of the healing work done is unique to the field, and we offer a world-class integration program designed in collaboration with clinical psychologists who have years of experience with plant medicine and certification in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Along with our advisory board including renowned ethnopharmacologist Dr. Dennis McKenna, cultural anthropologist Bia Labate, PhD, and psychiatrist and author Dr. Gabor Maté, our aim is to create a strong container for deeply healing work onsite, and support guests in translating their experience into real change over the long-term.
Our ethos is one of safety, authenticity, respect for tradition, personal empowerment, reciprocity, professionalism, and education. Our team has combined decades of experience working within this tradition and facilitating ceremony for thousands of guests. We aim to create a culture and community based on balanced, practical, accessible information grounded in a spirit of cultural awareness and education.

Soltara’s Mission Statement:

To find balance without we must first find balance within.

The cognitive dissonance of a world ruled by the head is what calls us to this work of the heart. A belief in the need to encompass the emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of healing, alongside the physical, is the foundation of sacred plant medicines and other holistic therapies.

These medicines have the power to connect us to those parts of ourselves we have forgotten, ignored, or covered up.

Our mission is to bridge this gap between head and heart for those who seek it. In a world of increasing disconnection from ourselves, our earth, our history, and each other, we aim to find balance by providing an authentic, safe, and loving space for each individual, no matter their background, to get in touch with their truth. We are honored to serve medicine in sacred ceremony, empower our guests with knowledge and tools to continue their journey back home, raise cultural awareness, and continue our cherished duty as stewards and caretakers of our Earth. We feel that by healing ourselves first, aligning our past experiences and future actions with deep meaning and purpose, we can become true beacons of light and affect positive change in our lives and our world.

About The Opportunity

The Guest Process Manager is the first and primary point of contact for all guests and potential guests of Soltara Healing Center. The Guest Process Manager supports guests and interested people through the process of discovering who we are, if we are the right fit for them to dive deeply into their healing journey with plant medicine, and if so, in joining us for a retreat. The Guest Process Manager will answer a wide range of inquiries and requests – from travel logistics, to questions about ayahuasca plant medicine in ceremony, to deeper discussions around personal, sensitive information relating to potential guests’ healing processes. Therefore, this person must have the ability to professionally and compassionately navigate both administrative as well as sensitive, nuanced conversations; have a passion for service; an understanding of plant medicine work; and be able to enact appropriate boundaries and direct inquiries to the appropriate parties if needed. For many guests who come to Soltara, the decision to do so may be one of the biggest – and potentially scariest – decisions of their lives. Holding their hands through this process while empowering them in their own journey, supporting them in feeling safe while they lean into their courage, requires a balanced, nuanced, and grounded approach.

The Guest Process Manager will handle all guest communications, bookings, intakes, and logistics, to ensure guests arrive onsite smoothly. They will greet and drop off guests at the pick-up location in San Jose at the start and end of each retreat and ensure their safe journey to Soltara for their retreats.  They will onboard guests by collecting waivers and final balances. They will also assist in reporting about sales and inquiries to develop a feedback loop and optimize overall strategy. They will coordinate mainly with the intake support team, Director of Retreats, and marketing team, and report to the COO.

In This Role, You Will:

Act as liaison between Soltara and interested parties, potential guests and guests of Soltara, by:

  • answering phone calls and email inquiries promptly and providing relevant information or directing to appropriate party
  • managing bookings and reservation logistics, maintaining booking system and registration notes
  • reviewing intake forms, confirming registrations and/or following up with medical advisor
  • coding/preparing weekly intake reports for facilitation team
  • responding to feedback, acknowledging and resolving customer complaints
  • communicating and coordinating with facilitators, COO, marketing team, intake support, and Retreat Director as needed to ensure clear communication and timely responses
  • Maintaining a positive, empathetic and professional attitude toward guests and potential guests at all times.
  • Develop and maintain reporting systems to track inquiries, sales, refunds, and leads to ensure appropriate follow-up and optimize overall communication strategy (reporting to COO)
  • Arranging ground transportation for guests (weekly) and staff as needed (including healers)
  • Picking up and dropping off guests at pick-up location in San Jose at the beginning/end of each retreat, and greeting guests with warmth, enthusiasm, and professionalism as they begin their journey with Soltara
  • Collecting final balances from guests at the beginning of each retreat, and ensuring all waivers are signed and collected
  • Assist in add-on sales such as Shipibo market goods and T-shirt purchases during operational weeks
  • Assisting in administrative duties as needed to support guest bookings and communications with onsite staff

What We Need From You

  • Extensive experience in customer service, support, and/or customer-facing roles (retreat/hotel/tour management preferred)
  • Experience with ayahuasca plant medicine
  • Experience and/or willingness to live in community at Soltara for minimum 6 months/year and work as part of a team which includes taking full responsibility for your own process while being able to hold space for others simultaneously.
  • Strong verbal and written English communication skills
  • Warm, extroverted, professional attitude to help guests feel welcomed and cared for
  • Ability to navigate sensitive conversations, hold space for guest processes with compassion and empathy while maintaining appropriate boundaries, and understand the work we do to provide appropriate support at all stages of the process
  • Excellent time-management skills, ability to maintain a 24-hour response time for guest inquiries
  • Highly organized, detail oriented and self-motivated with proven ability to successfully multi-task
  • Positive, tenacious attitude even in stressful or unpredictable situations
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and sometime unpredictable environment; works well under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Ability to consistently apply good judgment and make good decisions.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and discretion at all times
  • Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Experience managing complex event logistics
  • Proficient in Gmail, MS Office

Other Attributes:

  • Experience with ayahuasca in the Shipibo tradition
  • You must be a self-starter, solution focused, and most importantly, you must realize that you are joining a mission larger than your job, your career, and even this organization.
  • Enthusiasm to learn, and drive to significantly contribute
  • Collaborative mindset and strong interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrates critical thinking, communication, and relationship-building skills
  • Flexible and resourceful approach

Language Skills:

Fluency in English required.  Fluency/competency in Spanish highly preferred

What’s Included

  • Room & board: Private room accommodations at Soltara Healing Center
  • All meals while at Soltara during operational weeks
  • Opportunity to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies (frequency dependent on completion of duties)
  • Opportunity to participate in group classes including yoga, meditation, and staff sharing circles
  • Use of company car for operations-related tasks and, if available, during off-weeks
  • 1-month temp to hire training period at $500/week, and upon evaluation and completion of probationary training period, $750/operational week onsite and $500/offsite week, with ability to negotiate after 6 months

To Apply:

Please send to

1. A brief (2-3 min) introduction video

2. A written personal introduction or cover letter

3. A CV/resume of your work experience(s)

Please include the following information across these:

  • Relevant background and experience with facilitation/group/1-on-1 work, customer-service, customer-facing, and/or administrative roles
  • Your background and experience with plant medicines (including traditions and dietas, if applicable)
  • Your reasons for wanting to join our team
  • Why you feel qualified to be of service in this way
  • Your availability to live at Soltara in Costa Rica
  • At least 2 professional and 2 personal references (not a family member)
  • If you are fluent or proficient in Spanish, please include this information as well.

Work Exchange/Volunteer Opportunities

We are honored to work with a dedicated team of passionate, loving, committed individuals who are called to a path of service. Work exchange opportunities at Soltara are available on a case-by-case basis, depending on our current needs and availability. Opportunities can include yoga teaching, kitchen support, maloca assistance, videography, social media, marketing, and content capturing, to name a few.


  • Must have been a guest previously at Soltara. We do not accept anyone into our work exchange program who has not gone through a retreat experience with us.
  • Experience working with ayahuasca plant medicine
  • Experience and/or willingness to live in community and work as part of team which includes taking full responsibility for your own process while being able to complete your duties simultaneously.
  • Competency and experience in the skillset you are offering, including references and/or links to work portfolio.


  • Fluency in both Spanish and English
  • Experience working with ayahuasca plant medicine in the Shipibo tradition
  • Experience working with people in a service capacity
  • A background in personal work and group work
  • Availability of at least one month

What’s Included:

  • Private room accommodations
  • All meals
  • Opportunity to participate in weekly ceremonies
  • Opportunity to participate in group classes including yoga, meditation, and staff sharing circles

To Apply:

If you would like to explore available opportunities, please look over our requirements and send an email to explaining your reasons for wanting to join our team, why you feel qualified to be of service in this way, your fluency in Spanish, appropriate links or references for your work, and your availability and desired commitment in months/year.