Our highest priority is the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual safety of our guests. In all respects, we work to create a safe and loving space for you to dig deep, address root causes, and let go of what doesn’t serve you.
Soltara’s Safety Protocols
Your safety is paramount, both in and out of ceremony. As such, we have implemented the following measures and practices as part of our risk mitigation program:
  • Our stringent medical protocol and intake process (including a detailed medical questionnaire  & intake call during registration) ensures each guest a safe and fulfilling experience, mitigating any risk of potential contraindications with our medicines.
  • We consult with experienced intake coordinators during the screening process, and work with qualified medical professionals to help inform our integration programming
  • We have a complete disclosure form that outlines the inherent medical, environmental, and other risks involved in a retreat with us
  • Upon arrival and before departure, a brief physical exam by our medical doctor in our health clinic
  • We are located 20 minutes from the nearest clinic and have protocols for emergencies to minimize harm from any accident
  • Walkie-talkies are available in every room with a facilitator on call 24/7
  • Permanent, fast, reliable communication with surrounding cities via fully functional cell-phone network and high-speed Internet
  • We have a fully stocked medical kit available for minor injuries
  • Onsite security guards regularly patrolling the grounds
  • At least 1 female and 1 male Shipibo healer, plus 2-3 facilitators in every ceremony
  • Well-lit walkways and pathways, with fences where appropriate, for easy grounds navigation
  • Limited access after dark to areas with higher potential for falling or accidents
  • Highly experienced and skilled healers and facilitators
  • Support staff of both English-speaking Westerners and locals
  • We provide extensive preparation materials, travel logistics, and shuttle services to ensure your ease and peace of mind while planning your trip.
  • Our ayahuasca is made the traditional Shipibo way and comes directly from the Peruvian Amazon, using only the two main ingredients – ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaf – without any admixtures.
A Compassionate Environment

We understand that the healing process can awaken a variety of emotions, memories, and experiences that can be difficult to face or process. For this reason, we have a team of skilled, compassionate facilitators and healers on hand to assist whenever necessary. Plant medicine and other healing modalities can sometimes bring to the surface aspects of the subconscious that we need to face in order to work through trauma, dysfunction, and imbalance. Discovering truths that have been hidden or that we have pushed into our ‘shadow’ (our subconscious) can be scary or painful, and the importance of an environment without fear of judgment or criticism is an essential component of the healing process.

Our facilitators are Westerners and thus are able to help bridge the gap between the energetic healing carried out by the healers, and the emotional processing that tends to accompany this work. They themselves have personal experience in ‘shadow work’ – facing and integrating their own traumas, and as such, are able to share personal experiences and hold compassionate space for others undertaking similar work.

By gently guiding each guest through the process of awakening and exploring their own inner landscape, facilitators can help guests enhance their innate healing intelligence activated by the healing modalities they experience.

Our aim is to create a safe and supportive environment encompassing all aspects of the healing process. Beyond our on-site team of skilled healers and facilitators, we consult with qualified professionals during the screening and preparation for your journey, as well as after your retreat during your integration process. In addition, we have a facilitator trained in Wilderness First Response (WFR) and a fully stocked medical kit on-site. During your stay, our security guards and safety protocols allow you to rest easy and comfortably, while our staff provides a sanctuary for your emotional and spiritual well-being. We welcome people from all walks of life, and warmly invite you into our loving, compassionate, protected space, in order for you to fully realize and embrace your own journey.

All in all, we seek to provide an exceptionally safe and effective healing experience. We know that undertaking such an important and transformative pilgrimage is no easy task, and the potential for a life-changing experience can only be reached within a safe space and compassionate environment. By caring deeply about every guests’ physical, emotional, and spiritual safety and well-being, we create a container and home for you to trust the process fully and embrace the discovery of your highest self.

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