A Call To Action

Humanity is on a precipice, with the fate of our species (and that of many others) hanging in the balance. As society’s current values are reflected through our environmental, economic, health, and sociopolitical decisions, it is critical that we consciously examine those values and awaken to the reality of our own interconnectedness. We are not separate from nature, from ourselves, or even each other – in a very real way, every one of our decisions and actions affects all of these realms. Realizing that we are an integral part of this vast and complex web of life, and that the health of the whole is intimately connected with the health of the individual, it is critical that the global shift in consciousness assumes this perspective, and that starts with each of us.

It is from this understanding that we at Soltara turn towards wisdom that is free from the framework of separateness employed by much of modern society.

Both ancient Eastern and traditional shamanic philosophies work from a basis of connection – mind to body, human to nature, individual to community, physical to spiritual, past to present to future. From that foundation, we are called to examine our own frameworks, and those parts of ourselves we have disconnected from, whether consciously or unconsciously, often due to trauma in its various forms.

Plant medicines such as ayahuasca, and other holistic therapies, ask us to connect to all parts of ourselves, and if there are painful parts, to confront them directly: they are speaking to us and want to teach us something. By shining the light of consciousness into the shadowed corners of our psyche, we are able to acknowledge, learn from, and release the suffering attached to them. This is counterintuitive to most modern medicine, which often works through easing the symptoms of suffering, rather than addressing the root cause.

Unfortunately, this method of covering up the symptoms and numbing the pain only serves to push the true issue further from consciousness, hindering the ability to release it and worsening its long-term effects. Like a pressurized bottle, this unreleased emotional energy can eventually explode and manifest itself in damaging and unhealthy ways, including illness and dis-ease. However, by turning towards and understanding the roots of that suffering, often reaching all the way back to childhood, only then can we integrate its lessons and thus transform it into the keys to our enlightenment.

Oftentimes, it is the most difficult moments in our lives that – sometimes without our conscious awareness – forge the core of our being and make us who we are. Ayahuasca and other holistic healing practices show us that we always have the power to decide how it makes us, and who that person will be.

This, of course, is much easier said than done, requiring the right set, setting, and experienced healers and facilitators to support you and uphold the sacredness of such a deep process. Beyond that, we feel that adequate preparation beforehand, integration support afterward, and a conscious and welcoming community that understands this work, is crucial to long-term success and healing that sticks.

At Soltara, we work with indigenous Peruvian Shipibo female and male healers, and have decades of combined experience working at top-rated ayahuasca retreat centers in the Peruvian Amazon. We are honored to promote the expansion of plant medicines and holistic health in an accessible, respectful, informed way.

One thing that we noticed at the centers we came from was the strong focus on the retreat experience itself, with much less emphasis on the before and after – but preparing for the work and effectively integrating the lessons learned into your daily life is as important as learning the lessons themselves. In addition, we maintain our alignment with the larger mission of individual and global healing, and thus understand that coming down to our center for a more immersive healing experience might not be right for someone right away, or at all, depending on where they are in their process. There are many different kinds of medicines, and it’s important that each person finds what works for them – be it nature medicine, plant medicine, movementart, breath, community, or all of the above. As such, we want to provide a space to experience these medicines directly, but also ensure that we provide the tools and resources for anyone to begin, continue, or integrate their healing journey, in a way that is best for them – whether or not they come for a retreat with us.

Our approach to these objectives is three-fold:

  • We work with a highly experienced preparation and integration support team who have a foot in both Western and traditional medicine practices, understanding health from a holistic perspective that incorporates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We offer individual and group sessions to help you get the most out of your experience.
  • We invite you to co-create a community with us that fosters open dialogue and a safe platform for people to connect, learn, heal, and share their processes with each other. We at Soltara have found, through our experience, that so much of healing comes from being vulnerable, breaking down walls, letting people in, and holding space for others to do the same. When we authentically share stories, struggles, and ideas, we open up the space to figure things out on a deep level and remember that we are not alone.

We know that coming to our center – should you choose to – is just a small part of the much larger, lifelong process of healing, which starts within and radiates outward.

The crucial first step to healing the world is healing ourselves, and there has never been a better time. The decisions we make on an individual, societal, and global scale over the next few years will determine the trajectory and course of our survival and our legacy. This is a mission and a movement that is bigger than all of us, but that includes us, and thus it is our humble hope to contribute in whatever way we can, and empower you to do the same. With this mission in mind, we aim to provide the space, tools, and support to let your intuition be your guide so you can access your inner teacher and healer. At Soltara, we’ve created a framework for you to dig deep, uncover the energetic roots of any blockages, self-limiting beliefs, and negative programs that may be holding you back, and help you fully release them and step into your power.