In recent years, there has been a shift taking place on a global scale. As society edges closer to critical tipping points in the environmental, economic, mental health, and sociopolitical spheres, we are also witnessing a resurgence of desire for that which is sacred, whole, and meaningful. The disconnection from each other and earth in the outer landscape, for many, reflects a disconnection from self in the inner landscape. Unfortunately, much of modern Western medicine is ill-equipped to deal with this type of ailment. By focusing on and emphasizing the physical components of illness and disease, it tends to ignore, dismiss, or cover up the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health.

It comes as no surprise, then, that for many patients of Western medicine, there is still a lack of wholeness in the healing process.

The growing awareness surrounding holistic health practices is evidence of the simple truth that, while we live in a physical world and much of the illnesses and disease we experience have components in the physical realm, it is impossible to truly heal while ignoring the mental, emotional, and spiritual pillars of health. Perhaps most interestingly, recent findings in the study of epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology are revealing that the mind-body connection is even more powerful than previously thought. In many cases, this renders the mental, emotional, and spiritual pillars even more important than just physical health, which can follow naturally when the emotional and energetic roots of physical illnesses or trauma are addressed.

The interconnectedness of our minds and hearts to our physical anatomy is based in scientific evidence as well as in the time-honored traditions of plant medicines and spirit-based healthcare.

We live in an exciting time where the accumulated knowledge of Western, Eastern, and Indigenous practices are available to help each of us discover our own path to healing and fulfillment. When experienced in the appropriate context and ceremony, spiritual practices and medicines allow for the ability to address the entirety of the self and do the work across all pillars – body, mind, and spirit. If, like many, this is the start of your healing journey, our preparation guides and resources can help you incorporate all three aspects of self into your process. Post-retreat, our integrative approach supports you as you return to the default world and bridge the gap from a transformed self to a transformed life. We at Soltara feel that the effectiveness of holistic practices is the highly personalized approach, where you are invited to take charge of your own healing, your own path, and ultimately, your own life. Just as each person is unique, so too are the experiences and practices that will help them along in this process.

With the utmost respect towards the culture, ritual, and nature of the medicines we work with, we invite you to let your intuition be your guide, and your direct experience of the healing modalities we offer lead you towards a better understanding of yourself and what works best for you.

Preparing to Drink Ayahuasca

Integrating Your Experience