• Double Shared Suite (2 King Beds) – $3,978.00
  • Private Couples Suite (King Bed | *Price for 2*) – $7,956.00
  • Private Single Suite (King Bed) – $5,189.00
  • Eco-Tambo (No A/C, Shared Bathrooms/Showers) – $1,875.00

Date & Time Details: Program begins on Sunday, June 2, 2019 with an airport pickup at a hotel next to the San Jose (SJO) airport. We will provide you with hotel information in your confirmation email. We recommend arriving the day before, but if arriving Sunday, please book your arriving flight to land before 8 am. You will return to the drop-off point near the airport the following Sunday, June 9, by 12:30 pm. Please book your departing flight to leave any time after 3:30 pm. Transportation (land and ferry) to Soltara Center is included in package pricing.

Location: Soltara Center

Address: Playa Blanca, Paquera, Costa Rica

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Working with The Shadow: Special Retreat with Dorian Yates | Airport Transportation Included

With Teobaldo Ochavano Lopez and Marina Sinti Reategui

June 2 - 9, 2019

**Program closed: Click here for Dorian’s next retreat at Soltara, November 17 – 24, 2019**

Dorian Yates’ philosophy and spirituality has informed his approach to both his life and his prolific career. A former professional body-builder, 6-time Mr. Olympia Winner, yoga and meditation enthusiast, dedicated father and husband, and mentor to many, Dorian applies his deeply rooted values to every aspect of his life. He shares that his success comes from being true to yourself, owning your individuality, committing to your growth, and striving to savor every moment that life has to offer. Through his dedication to his path and perseverance through major adversity and trauma, Dorian’s holistic approach translates to fulfilling one’s potential in all aspects of life.


We are excited to offer a chance to participate in a special retreat with Dorian, June 2 – 9, 2019.


Through a week of ceremony, medicine, and community at Soltara, participants will have the chance to connect with Dorian, share stories, struggles, and triumphs, and learn from this legend while diving deeply into their own healing journeys. Having worked with plant medicines and holistic therapies since his professional days, he has been able to bridge this type of healing work with the discipline and commitment of a long-time champion in an intensely competitive field. Whether you’re interested in overcoming trauma, persevering through adversity, connecting with your body, or understanding the mental fortitude it takes to break through your limitations, Dorian’s life experience can help you dig deep and connect to that inner strength and power.

Dorian is not your typical bodybuilder, nor your typical yogi. Breaking out of the stereotype of what spirituality looks like, his mission is to help others transcend the false limitations and beliefs that may be holding them back from living their most authentic life. Earning the nickname “The Shadow” – due to his tendency to remain out of the spotlight and public eye only to emerge in major bodybuilding contests and win – Dorian’s dedicated approach to his goals has inspired millions to align their life with their values, passions, and talents to succeed in any path.

Dorian’s life is a testament to authenticity, devotion, and strength. From a British working class, country boy to champion of 15 major professional bodybuilding contests, his fame and glory never swayed him from the humility and hunger that pushed him towards his purpose. After suffering major traumatic injuries (just 3 weeks before his final Mr. Olympia competition, which he won despite them), his career as a bodybuilder ended, and he was forced to transcend his previous identity. Digging more deeply into his spiritual practice, he now espouses the benefits of yoga, meditation, ritual, plant medicine and other holistic modalities.


Explore the benefits these modalities have to offer in a safe and supportive environment. Join us June 2 – 9, 2019 for a week of integrative medicine work and deep spiritual healing, combining the time-honored practices of traditional Shipibo shamanism with in-depth discussions about living your best life with Dorian.


We look forward to supporting you.

“Life is movement. Adapt to your circumstance, go with the flow, whatever you do… give it your heart.”

-Dorian Yates



For this retreat, Generation Iron may be filming Dorian for 1 – 2 days of this retreat as part of their documentary series. We expect this to be minimally disruptive to the guest experience, however there may be cameras onsite. No guests will be filmed without their explicit permission, and no filming will take place in or around the ceremony, group share, or other private spaces. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us at letgo@soltara.co

Your stay at Soltara includes:
  • 4 ayahuasca ceremonies with highly-experienced Peruvian female & male Shipibo healers (see our sample weekly schedule)
  • Intimate group sizes (maximum capacity 20 guests) with individualized attention from healers during ceremony
  • High facilitator-to-guest ratio with skilled facilitators who have combined decades of experience working in ceremony and helping guests through the healing process
  • One-on-one consultations with our healers (and translator)
  • On-site integration workshops and sharing circles
  • All meals in our conscious cuisine kitchen, prepared fresh daily from organic, pesticide-free, local sources in an ayahuasca-friendly manner
  • Transportation to and from the pick-up location near SJO airport (details in your confirmation email and on our travel logistics page)
  • Yoga classes for all levels throughout your stay
  • Pranayama breathwork and meditation sessions
  • Floral baths with medicinal plants lovingly prepared by our healers
  • Nature immersion and multiple walking trails in one of the most abundant & biodiverse regions on the planet
  • Access to our creative space for music, art, writing, and dance
  • Access to our private on-site pool
  • Air-conditioning in all rooms
  • High-speed WiFi (although we encourage all guests to disconnect as much as possible!)
  • Lifetime 10% discount for all return visits
  • Participation in our premiere integration program and community with a highly qualified integration support team
  • Access to two semi-private beaches with gentle waters along the gorgeous Gulf of Nicoya



Our week-long program is designed for your optimal ease and comfort, so you can free your mind to focus fully on yourself and your experience.

We look forward to having you with us.




We are called to serve medicine in sacred ceremony with integrity, humility, and compassion. By creating a safe space and working only with experienced, well-intentioned healers and facilitators, we uphold the lessons of the medicines and build a foundation of mutual trust, authenticity, and respect. We are not gurus, preachers, or enlightened beings – our healers are maestros who humbly transmit the knowledge and healing energies of the plants, and our facilitators are devoted to helping guests face, process, and explore difficult experiences and emotions, handle projections, manage expectations, and surrender to the process. We strive to uphold the highest integrity in everything we do and be a beacon for responsible, safe, and ethical practices, such that our guests feel safe and supported to get the most out of their healing.


Teobaldo Ochavano Lopez
Teobaldo Ochavano Lopez was born in the Ronuya district of Iparía, in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. His father, Teobaldo Ochavano Mahua Doña Luisa Lopez Maynas, was the first bilingual teacher and shaman in his community, and his mother used plant medicines to cure and heal. All of his grandparents, on both sides, were also shamans. His entire family was very familiar with plant medicines, particularly ayahuasca, and from a very young age Teobaldo was surrounded by this medicine work. After witnessing its immense healing power, he chose to continue on the path himself, particularly since he…
Learn more about Teobaldo Ochavano Lopez
Marina Sinti Reategui
Marina Sinti Reategui was born in the Yarinacocha district of Pucallpa, in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. She is the daughter of Elias Sinti Magin Doña Exilda Reategui, and her grandmother and mother were both excellent shamans. She learned the medicine work of ayahuasca from her mother, and works with her husband Teobaldo help heal people together, both within their community and in bringing the medicine abroad. She has knowledge of many different medicinal plant remedies, and embodies the feminine aspect of the medicine in order to bring balance to the ceremonies. She and her husband are…
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