Frequently Asked Questions


Please view our complete policies here.

We believe in offering personalized care for every guest so they can have the space to immerse themselves fully in their process and have the support they need to do so. We also feel strongly that the community aspect is an important part of the healing, which we believe can get lost if there are too many people in a group. Therefore, we keep our groups rather intimate, and have a high facilitator-to-guest ratio. Our maximum capacity is 21 guests and for that amount we work with a female and male Shipibo healer and 3 facilitators during ceremony. During each ceremony, each guest receives their own personal healing icaro (healing song), tailored to their intention for healing, what the healers feel is needed, and their consultation with our healers beforehand.

Depending on your desired length of stay, you can click into each retreat page here to read more about each program and see pricing. If you click into each retreat page, you’ll see a list of available dates as well as lodging options depending on the date. You can select the appropriate start date on the calendar in order to see available lodging options. From there, you can register directly on that page by filling out a brief registration form and making a deposit to reserve your space.

Upon registration, you will receive an email with a link to a detailed intake form which contains a series of questions that will help us to ensure that there are no medical issues that might be contraindicated for your retreat and the use of the medicine. Your booking will not be confirmed until we have received and reviewed a medical intake questionnaire for you. If for any reason it is deemed medically unsafe for you to attend the retreat with us, you would be entitled to a full refund of any deposit made.

One thing that we ask for during this process is if you are taking any prescription medications or have any specific medical diagnoses. If you’d like to inquire prior to registering, please send an email to, and we would be happy to review this information with our intake coordination team to determine whether an ayahuasca retreat is right for you, or any necessary tapering schedules for medications. We also recommend that you review this decision with your doctor if you are currently on any specific treatment plan or medications, particularly before changing or tapering any medications, as they will have a more complete picture of your medical history.

This work is all about intuition, so we recommend checking in with yourself about what feels right for you, and trusting you’ll get what you need out of whatever length of time you choose. The only difference between retreat lengths is the number of ceremonies, as well as the space and time you are allowing yourself to process and integrate the work being done. Some people find a lot of healing with 5 nights or one week, while others may benefit from a longer and deeper connection for the healing to take root. Depending on what you are looking to heal or work with, you may find that more time and space to work with the medicine will give you a chance to integrate the work you do more fully. Regardless, whatever length of time you choose, you won’t be wrong!

Please see our travel logistics page for more information.

We only offer the retreat lengths listed on our retreat page, as our programming is laid out to help you fully immerse yourself in the process and get the most out of your experience. As you may know, working with ayahuasca can be a process, and it’s important to allow yourself the space and time to undergo what can often be a deep and intense level of healing. Therefore, if possible, it’s best if you can make space for a full retreat so as not to disrupt or cut short this process. We want to support every guest in a truly empowered and life-affirming way, and we find that committing to oneself and one’s own process for a full retreat can allow for the space to truly benefit the most from this type of healing work.

We do require that all guests be of legal age, at least 18 years old, in order to be on site and participate in a retreat with us.

Due to the deep nature of this work, and the sensitivity that children can have to the things that are being released during this type of healing, we do not allow for participants to bring children. We strive to maintain a strong container for all participants so that everyone feels safe to move deeply into their processes without risking affecting any children who would not necessarily understand what is happening.

We recommend booking the Wyndham Herradura San Jose Hotel which is the location of our shuttle pickup and drop off. Please see our travel logistics page for more information.

In terms of best practices regarding coming as a couple, one thing that we implement is that we do not have couples sit next to each other inside the maloca during ceremony. This is to ensure each can undergo their own process and minimize energetic influence during ceremony. Outside of ceremony, we do require that all guests abstain from sexual and sensual contact with themselves or others during the retreat. Beyond that, we empower guests to decide what works for them as it relates to their accommodations. While some people may feel it would be best for their process to have separate accommodations than their partner, others prefer to be able to process things with each other and share a private accommodation. This part is really up to you and what you feel would work best for you both.

Depending on your desired length of stay, you can click into each retreat page here to read more about each program and see pricing. If you click into each retreat page, you’ll see a list of available dates as well as lodging options depending on the date. You can select the appropriate start date on the calendar (all of our retreats start on Sundays) in order to see available lodging options.

If rooming options appear as unavailable, please select a different start date on the calendar. If there is a specific listed date that shows as unavailable that could work for you, please email us at and we would be happy to follow up with you should a space become available.

We offer all-inclusive packages based on lodging type. Our pricing includes all meals, accommodations, medicine, ceremonies, activities, taxes, fees, and transportation to and from the pick-up location in San Jose (you can see a full list of what’s included if you scroll down in the link above).

We understand a retreat with us is an investment in oneself which can take time to prepare for. Part of our mission is to help make this type of healing as accessible as possible for all those who seek it. As such, we have a scholarship program for those committed to their healing journey, and who would otherwise be unable to attend a retreat with us. We ask that you only sign up for this program if this is the case for you, otherwise you will be taking a spot from someone who truly needs this support. Please click the link for more information and to apply.

For those who may be working within a budget, we offer economical private tambo lodging options under the forest canopy. These tambos offer a lower-cost way to attend a retreat with us, utilizing shared bathrooms and showers, and no air-conditioning. To view more information about this lodging option, select an available retreat through our retreats page here and select and appropriate start date on the calendar (all of our retreats start on Sundays) in order to see available lodging options and details about each accommodation.

Additionally, while we normally ask for 50 – 75% deposit in order to secure your spot, we evaluate payment plans on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information if your situation warrants additional assistance.

If you are a veteran, Soltara partners with the Heroic Hearts Project, a non-profit organization which offers financial aid to veterans of war wanting to undergo ayahuasca treatment.

Regarding balance due, we are asking guests to bring their remaining balance in cash if at all possible. As our operations are run entirely in cash, this is very helpful for the work we do on the ground. This will be collected immediately on day 1 of your retreat.

If there is any way to bring most or all of the remaining balance in USD, this is preferred and very much appreciated. If this is truly an issue, please do let us know.

During the retreat, guests are free to head to two nearby beaches during their free time throughout the day (~3 minute walk down our beach trails). We do not offer excursions offsite, nor do we allow guests to travel offsite during their retreat beyond the beaches, nor visit with others who are not on retreat. The reason for this is that we create a very strong energetic container for guests to undergo what can sometimes be very deep experiences. It is important, when one is open and working with ayahuasca plant medicine, that the sanctity of the container be maintained in order for people to stay in their process while working with the medicine. Minimizing interactions and energetic exchanges with those who are not on retreat, and removing the need to worry about any travel logistics, allow for guests to be fully immersed in their process and truly get the most out of their experience. Being completely surrounded by nature in our multi-acre grounds, with easy access to walking trails and the beach, and an intimate yet diverse group of no more than 22 guests, this ends up being quite sufficient without people feeling pressure to go on any extra excursions. =]

After the retreat, there are a number of attractions on the Nicoya Peninsula for you to enjoy depending on your personal interests and time available before or after your stay with us. Keep in mind you may want to prioritize rest and relaxation after your ayahuasca experience, to help begin integration and allow yourself time before flying home. Having said this below are some of our recommendations.

1-2+ days

If you are short on time there are day trips out of San Jose to the La Paz waterfall, Lake Arenal/Arenal Volcano, Local Coffee Plantations or simple walking tours of the city all which offer scenic views and the flavor of the “puravida” lifestyle that Costa Rica is known for. See the front desk at the Wyndham for more information on 1-day tours.

Two hours south of Soltara you will find the bustling, international surf town of Santa Teresa. This area is rich with surf, yoga, tide pools and breathtaking sunsets. Here you can rent a quad, take surf lessons or simply walk along some of the most incredible beaches in the country. For a more tranquil lodging look to neighboring “pueblos” Mal Pais or Playa Hermosa. From here is easy to take day trips to the Montezuma Waterfall, Isla Tortuga or the Curu National Reserve.

Two other options for sunny beach towns (within 2-3 hours) include Playa Nosara / Playa Samara and Jaco. Nosara and Samara both have a well established expat community, a great beginner surf break (Nosara), beach front dining (Samara) and lots of space to roam, finding peace and slow rhythm is easy to achieve here. Jaco has a large expansive beach and is one of the countries top travel destinations due to it’s proximity to the airport, world class sport fishing and vibrant Costa Rican culture.

Within the 3 hour drive of Soltara is also the Monteverde Cloud Forrest which is certainly recommended for those who seek the quiet, cool embrace of lush mountain terrain. There is plenty of wildlife to enjoy and is an excellent recommendation for those who wish to be immersed in the clouds. From this area you can easily plan to see the Fortuna waterfall. La Fortuna is also a destination in its own right and has several hot springs that we feel are a perfect end to a week at Soltara.

3-5+ days

If you have more time to explore Costa Rica going further south to towns such as Domincal/Uvita (5 hours from Soltara) is a great option. For the true explorers make your way down to Corcovado National Park, an isolated area that boasts 2.5% of the worlds bio-diversity. This is not a short journey and we recommend flying from SJO to save valuable time.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas, Costa Rica is rich with lush fauna, wildlife and attractions of all kinds depending on your interests. We would be happy to help you coordinate separate transportation to any destination, noting that this would be at a separate cost if you will not be joining the group shuttle back to San Jose. If you have any additional questions or are interested in booking transportation to your post-retreat destination please email and we will be happy to assist you further. For your own research we can recommend to get estimated travel times and costs to all destinations.