What is the weather like in the Sacred Valley? What about the altitude?

The weather in the Sacred Valley tends to be warm and dry during the day, and chilly at night. We are in the high Andean mountains, and in general the climate in the Sacred Valley is variable because it includes altitudes ranging from 2200 – 2800 meters above sea level. During the day, temperatures range between 20 – 26 °C (68 – 78 °F) and at night, between 8 °C to 10 °C (46 – 50 °F). This climate is generally the same throughout the year, although there is more rain during the rainy season of November until March. We recommend bringing some warm layers, pants, sweaters, warm socks, and perhaps a hat and gloves in case you get cold at night, in addition to lighter layers for the day.

*Important Note* Due to the higher altitude of the Sacred Valley, we recommend, if possible, arriving 1-2 days before your retreat, to allow yourself to acclimatize. Coca leaf tea and lozenges can support your system with this process (available for purchase in Cusco), and there are also cans of oxygen easily purchased in most pharmacies if you find yourself struggling with the altitude.

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