Will Cooper


Will grew up in a small town in West Michigan and attended The Ohio State University on a full-ride scholarship, studying Political Science and History. Although he was a high performing student, Will began struggling with serious physical and mental health issues late in his college years, which eventually became debilitating and created an impasse in his life path. He also began dealing with the questions of what really matters in life and what his purpose was.

For the next several years he began looking for answers, researching broadly in various fields such as philosophy, history, psychology, mythology, spirituality, personal development, and more. During this time he worked many jobs across the US, including a luxury hotel in Florida, a restaurant in the Bay Area, the fishing docks in Alaska, and several more, acquiring a visceral knowledge of operations, logistics, and management.

Will had heard about ayahuasca while still in college, and had developed a deep interest in psychedelic medicines. With the knowledge that he needed intense healing as well as clarity regarding his future, Will ventured down to the Peruvian Amazon in 2018 to sit with the medicine for the first time. It was an incredibly profound experience, healing Will of the depression and anxiety he had dealt with for so long.

Will continued his work with the medicine at various centers over the next couple years, before deciding that working with ayahuasca was his path. He moved to the jungle in late 2020 and volunteered at another center where he learned in depth about the Shipibo system of ayahuasca healing. After his time there, he began working at Soltara, and has continued his personal work with ayahuasca both onsite and with his healers in the Amazon. Will is honored to offer his unique energy and experiences to support those who are on their own healing journeys.

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