Jessica Begin

Jessica’s passion for exploring the body as a vessel for Spirit has led her on a deep and varied journey of study. She draws great inspiration from her life-time study of yoga and of dance modalities and ritual forms such as Capoeira, dances of the African diaspora, Butoh, 5 Rhythms, as well as diverse indigenous traditions, songs and dances. She has studied voice and sound healing with the school of Yoga of the Voice (Vox Mundi Project), and the Authentic Voice (Sonido Sana).

Over the years Jessica has had the privilege of spending time with many indigenous nations and medicine carriers, learning firsthand about the function of songs, dances, storytelling and ceremonies as ancestral tools for maintaining the balance of life.

She has been working with Ayahuasca for 11 years and lived in the Peruvian Amazon facilitating and assisting Shipibo medicine retreats and diets for 5 years. Currently she lives in Costa Rica and returns often to Peru to continue her studies with the plants and host retreats and plant diets. She also hosts and teaches voice, dance and embodiment themed workshops and retreats in Costa Rica and abroad.

Jessica’s greatest joy lies in assisting others to connect to their free and uninhibited capacity to express their deepest heart’s longing through voice and movement. As a teacher she brings to her work precision, clarity, artistry, sensitivity, care and passion.