Marina Sinti Reategui

Marina Sinti Reategui was born in the Yarinacocha district of Pucallpa, in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. She is the daughter of Elias Sinti Magin Doña Exilda Reategui, and her grandmother and mother were both excellent shamans. She learned the medicine work of ayahuasca from her mother, and works with her husband Teobaldo help heal people together, both within their community and in bringing the medicine abroad. She has knowledge of many different medicinal plant remedies, and embodies the feminine aspect of the medicine in order to bring balance to the ceremonies. She and her husband are united together in ceremony and work as a team to balance the feminine and masculine energies, such that the medicine of Mother Ayahuasca and Grandfather Tobacco can work through them. Marina is also a highly skilled seamstress, making and embroidering beautiful indigenous and ceremonial clothing, tapestries, and other art.

Marina has been on the shamanic path for the last 14 years, and before Soltara has brought her work with the medicine to multiple countries around South and Central America. We are honored to be working with such a strong team at Soltara, and look forward to bringing the laughter, love, and light of such skilled and compassionate shamans to you, both in and out of ceremony.