Tatiana Caravaca

Yoga Teacher, Guest Pick-Ups

Hey Namaste! My name is Tatiana Caravaca, I am 30 years old and from Costa Rica. I come from a fishing family, farmers, and artisans. I am a native of Playa Blanca in the Gulf of Nicoya. I was born in the Sea, in a small boat on the way to the hospital towards Puntarenas, and I grew up in this beautiful, powerful, and healing jungle.

Since I was a child I have been passionate about animals and the science of medicinal plants, with which I grew up as an alternative medicine because of my mother and my family. I had the opportunity to study as a veterinarian by profession. However, Life had other plans for me along the way and guided me to the practice of Yoga and Meditation as wonderful life tools, just when I needed them the most. These tools worked for me as a lifeline, guiding me towards a deep process of reconnection, acceptance, recognition, and internal healing with myself, helping me get out of many episodes of intergenerational trauma and situations of depression and anxiety that I had been carrying in my life. With internal work and time, I became a Mother, and this was also an important part of my spiritual growth. Again, these wonderful tools of Yoga and Meditation continued to support me and guide me on a deep journey toward motherhood. I am still in the process of healing, growing, learning, unlearning and relearning.

Over time I was trained with different Integral Holistic Therapies, and different Yogic modalities, alongside different teachers, all complementary in supporting and guiding me in this practice and medicine.

In 2017, together with my life partner, who also shares the love and devotion for the discipline of yoga and meditation, we founded our own holistic studio, holding workshops, different sacred ceremonies of medicinal plants, cocao, sound, and Yoga Nidra for both mothers, women, children, and older adults, creating a beautiful community around us.

In 2022, life led me to an encounter with Ayahuasca Medicine in my own native Earth, in a powerful call moving everything around me in an unknown journey and bringing me back to my Roots and the origin of my life. In a powerful journey of navigating in depth with myself on the path, to self-knowledge and acceptance at levels that words cannot describe, I dare say that it has guided me in a flowering of my being with all my facets, of embracing and appreciating life, nature, the Human experience as such and its magic in deeper levels of awareness and gratitude and curiosity of this omnipresent energy and connection that flows as a whole inside and outside each one of us Here and now.

I continue on the deep path, honoring from my soul what I have learned and sharing it with Love, devotion humility and confidence that I feel for these tools that life has given me with so much love itself, I share them believing that they can also help others as they have done to me.

Currently, I am very lucky to be the one who picks up the guests on their trip to the location of Soltara in Playa Blanca, crossing the sea together towards our beautiful Jungle. I also have the honor of humbly serving as a Yoga Facilitator here in Soltara, holding and guiding the space and moment of Yoga and holistic Meditation before the Ceremonies in the Retreats, holding other integration support with yoga in the mornings and afternoons. I assist with the organization of transportation, and with the Doctor in health check-ups of entry and exit Health. I love to share and help translate for our powerful teachers in the Shipibo market at the end of each Retreat and whenever necessary.

It is a blessing and honor for me to be part of the team of this loving container of healing for the whole world. I serve with devotion, gratitude, and faith in what each one of us gives to accompany you and witness the healing, transformation, flowering, and expansion of each soul and heart that accompanies us week by week to grow, nourish ourselves, and live together in community, in connection with Mother Earth and her sacred medicine Ayahuasca

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