Stefania Cocuzzo


Stefania was born and raised in a small village in the mountains of Italy.

She met the Medicine in 2010 and fell in love. From that moment the main purpose of her life became “healing and knowing herself”. This purpose has led her to meet and sit with many healers and medicine plants from ancient traditions. Fascinated by the huge transformative power and trauma-healing potential, went in Peru to diet in a Shipibo centre where she was also working as translator and interpreter for the Maestros.

At the same time she was learning the San Pedro traditional ceremonies and the Altars of the Red Path (Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest , Sun Dance )She started to work with Soltara with a lot of respect and appreciation for the deep healing that people can benefit through this symbiosis of Traditional Shipibo Medicine and the facilitation work based on compassion, love and support.

When not working in medicine retreats, she loves singing, building puppets and do theatre performances for children.

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