Maestro Soi (A smooth luminous light) Ochavano Lopez

Master Healer

Born and raised in the community of Betania, Maestro Soi was born into a family of Maestros. This intimate connection between the plants and his family lineage, gifted him his unique name that’s taken from the feminine aspect of the sacred Tree, Noya Rao. ’Soi’ refers to the soft luminous light – an accurate description of Soi’s energetic essence.

39 yrs old, Maestro Soi’s healing path began at 14 yrs, with an impressive plant dieta that lasted one and a half years with Noya Rao. He spent his time in the jungle in complete isolation, with his grandfather guiding and mentoring him. Through energetic transmissions, Soi acquired the wisdom of the elements and nature. Soon after, at the age of 16, Soi began to practice in ceremonies, learning how to diagnose and treat people’s traumas. He continued to work with his grandfather and uncles throughout his youth and adulthood.

Maestro Soi shares how his and others’ shamanic healing path comes with tremendous challenges, and in order to reach a certain level of mastery, one is presented with many ‘tests’ that manifest in all areas of life: within family, friendships, relationships, and more. It requires real endurance, and sacrifices need to be made in order to walk the medicine path with mental strength, integrity, and faith.

Maestro Soi gets immense fulfillment in helping others transform themselves psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. He recognizes that sometimes people have lost their authentic direction in life, and are void of meaning and purpose. Many have lost touch with their cultural roots and true path. Others live in a numb state where they cannot feel themselves and others, and through this lack of feeling, we have lost connection with nature, and how to live in harmony with our environment. In this ‘numb’ state our minds do not rest, and people’s spirits live in a kind of dream state from the lack of presence.

Maestro Soi holds a deep understanding of the medicine, and the responsibilities a healer must honor when sharing it with others. He sees the acute levels of misuse and confusion around the medicine and practice. This drives him to expand outside of Peru, and offer his gifts here at Soltara. Working closely with his cousin, Maestra Silvia, they make a powerful duo representing the Sun and Moon, where their united team spirit resounds through every icaro (healing song) they sing together.

Maestro Soi appreciates and welcomes people’s curiosity for the Shipibo medicine, and recognizes they are looking to discover themselves, and a higher wisdom – a deep knowing of self and life that isn’t easy to find in our modernity. He wants to serve those who look to find peace and harmony within themselves. He walks the healing path with the highest respect for the plants and our humanity, and this integrity is felt in his work, in and out of ceremony. With his softly spoken, peaceful presence, Maestro Soi exudes trust and compassion in all that he does.

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