Maestra Silvia Marie Garcia

Master Healer

Silvia Marie Garcia has been working with plant medicine since she was 14 yrs old. She was born in Nueva Avaipa, 8 hours from Pucallpa along the Ucayali river. From a young age, Silvia was guided by her mother and grandparents to understand the plants. As she learnt more about theit medicinal properties, and the Shipibo artistic traditions, Silvia quickly understood the importance of preserving the knowledge and wisdom of her ancestors to help others to heal.

At 12 years old, Silvia moved to the city of Pucallpa where she began to diet the plants to clean her mind, body, and spirit in preparation for her shamanic healing path. She began to diet with her uncle in the community, Dos Unidos; after which she continued with her auntie, Eliza Vargas in the community of San Francisco. It was here where Silvia’s commitment to the plants solidified, and quickly began to apprentice and learn everything from her auntie.

Silvia believes Ayahuasca and the plants are sacred spirits that offer us an important, and necessary connection to nature’s wisdom. They help to unblock, clean and heal our spirit, heart and mind to bring us into a state of inner-harmony. In helping Westerners work with the medicine, Silvia has witnessed the positive, long lasting impact in people’s lives. This drives her to continue, and extend her work outside of Peru.

Grateful to be sharing the medicine outside Peru, Silvia aims to give her best, and share her experience. She passionately devotes her life to preserving and sharing the ancestral Shipibo tradition so it can continue to heal the world. She aims to offer people an authentic experience that opens new possibilities for a better future.

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