Sharon Slate

Preparation & Integration Therapist

Sharon Slate was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She has been a Psychologist for 17 years and for the last 5 years has been exploring the therapeutic use of psychedelics to help clients. She primarily works with people who have experienced trauma and works to help them navigate their healing journeys.  In addition to providing therapy, her focus in the psychedelic space is to help people prepare and integrate their experiences.  She believes there are beautiful connections between the work of traditional therapy, the healing potential of plant medicines, as well as human’s innate capacity to heal themselves.

To expand in the areas beyond traditional talk therapy Sharon has immersed herself in gaining training and experience with a variety of body-centered approaches; transformational breathwork, somatic approaches, Hakomi, as well as understanding the physiology of trauma.  When blended with the cognitive approaches of understanding our mind, and helping to connect with our spiritual core she believes a holistic understanding of healing can be experienced.

She has profound gratitude for the healing power of plant medicines and has had her own powerful experiences which have transformed her life. We are grateful to Sharon for offering her therapeutic services to our Soltara community!

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