Paola Paredes


Paola is a visual artist from Peru. She previously worked in local media for several years and later as freelance in independent intercultural projects. Currently her art is focused on exploring the relationship between human beings and plants as a way of ritual.

Paola began her plant medicine path in 2012, when she did her first plant dieta in the Peruvian Rainforest. Since then, she has been working with Ayahuasca and other master plants under the guidance of the Shipibo lineage. Living for two years in the jungle and working at various healing centres in Peru.

She has always felt the called of the great spirit. Her grandfather was born at a small town of the Amazon, called ¨Rodriguez de Mendoza¨, been in contact with ancestral traditions and the nature within it. She experienced her happiest childhood moments playing at ¨Pucallpa¨ and ¨Sepagua¨-located at Ucayali region- , where her grandfather was living.

Paola traveled for three years learning from different elders from indigenous communities around the world, including Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Italy. Paola is initiated in many healing modalities and regularly attends the moon dance with grandmother Tonalmilt in Mexico, where she’s learning how to conduct Temazcal or sweat lodge ceremonies. She’s also an inner child therapist and integration coach.

Paola continues to dedicate her life to the service and study of the ancestral traditions of natural medicines. Also feels a deeply connection to Tobacco, Peyote and Temazcal medicine. She believes in the power of prayer, chanting, intuition, love and other and ways to heal in union with mother earth and in connection with our power and divinity within.

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