One Week

Ayahuasca Retreat

Our mission is to empower you with the space, knowledge and tools to release the things that no longer serve you, free yourself to participate in the fullness of life, and discover how to live your truth.

One-Week Inclusive Plant Medicine Retreat

Transportation from San Jose Included

With Americo Lopez Sanchez, Angela Sanchez Rioz, Teobaldo Ochavano Lopez, and/or Marina Sinti Reategui

At our Center, a seaside haven in the tropical jungle of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, we work with traditional Peruvian Shipibo healers and sacred plant medicine, as well as other traditional and modern healing modalities, to help you along this path of self-discovery. Our decades of combined experience holding ceremony and doing medicine work allow you to experience in-depth healing in a safe and loving environment.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one package for your optimal comfort and ease, look no further. This program is designed for you to experience the full spectrum of healing modalities we have to offer, and includes transportation to and from San Jose. Take advantage of the package pricing to save on cost and logistics, and let our thoughtfully designed program free your mind to help you get the most out of your healing.

Our secluded slice of sundrenched paradise is surrounded on all sides by the vibrant sounds of the rainforest.

Awaken each morning to bird songs, monkeys playing in trees, and crashing waves in the distance. Explore across 21 acres of unspoiled flora and fauna. Easily accessible from the airport, yet tucked away on seaside cliffs overlooking the crystal blue Gulf of Nicoya, we invite you to an immersive experience letting nature unveil itself before you and surround you in harmony, compassion, and peace.


Decorated with handcrafted Costa Rican decor and personal artisanal touches, surrounded by the sounds of the rainforest.

We offer different room options and pricing to ensure that a high-quality healing experience is accessible for a variety of budgets. Every room includes all amenities and features listed below.

Sample Schedule

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Our Healers

At Soltara, we work with indigenous Peruvian Shipibo female and male healers, and have decades of combined experience working at top-rated ayahuasca retreat centers in the Peruvian Amazon.

Marina Sinti Reategui

Master Healer

Teobaldo Ochavano Lopez

Master Healer

Americo Lopez Sanchez

Master Healer

Angelita Sanchez Rioz

Master Healer

Plant Medicine

Working with plant medicines in sacred ceremony requires proper preparation and understanding, both for your safety and to have a fulfilling healing experience.

Far from being part of the “New Age” movement, plant medicine healthcare has existed for thousands of years and was a well-established system long before Western medicine developed in the last few hundred years. Just as modern medicine has excelled at getting to the physical causes of illness, plant medicine – in particular, ayahuasca – offers a chance to get at the emotional, energetic, and spiritual roots of dis-ease by opening channels of communication to our subconscious inner landscapes.

Food (as thy) Medicine

At Soltara, we believe healing even takes place in the kitchen. We take on the mantra by the Greek physician, Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” His wisdom has stood the test of time, and studies now show there is science to back him up.

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Integrating Your Ayahuasca Experience

At Soltara, we hold a high standard for every aspect of the healing process. Our Integration Program focuses on providing high-quality aftercare following transformative and potentially life-changing experiences. We design all of our programs with this in mind, and are privileged to work with highly qualified professionals to lead the way in integration services. A retreat with us doesn’t end when you head back home – we are committed to ensuring every guest has the support, knowledge, tools, and community to move from a transformed self to a transformed life.

What is Integration?

Integration means taking the knowledge and lessons learned during your ritual experience and putting it into practice in your life. It can involve changing habits, relationships, or community; approaching life from a new perspective; realizing an increased sense of awareness in your thoughts and actions, or working towards a new set of goals and purpose, as well as other changes in deep psychological processes you may have been unaware of until this point.

Authored by: Dr. Clancy Cavnar, PhD – Soltara Preparation/Integration Guide

Here is a bit of information about what integration is, why it’s necessary, and some helpful tips for your own integration process after participating in a plant medicine retreat.

So you’ve had a transformative experience. …What now?

The path to wholeness is a continuous one. While a deep healing experience can jumpstart the process, it is equally important that you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to take that experience and apply its lessons to your life.


Personal Empowerment:

This is YOUR process, so you are in charge! Our program includes a guided, customizable journal crafted to help you build your own integration plan.


We provide practical, grounded, informed content vetted and created by clinical psychologists who have years of experience working with plant medicines and holistic health.

Integration Sessions:

On-site and back home, we offer group and 1-on-1 sessions with our skilled integration support team, to help you process, maintain, and enhance your experience.


We welcome you into our vibrant global community, which fosters open dialogue, personal connection, and high-quality resources to help you share and learn from each other.

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