Maestra Mary Julliana Vasquez Rios

Master Healer

Mary Julliana was born in 1989 in the old Aguaypa community, Iparia district, Ucayali, Peru. Her Shipibo name is San Kenguano.  Her mother and her father have been healers for many years. She learned about medicine since she was 15 years old, seeing how her mother, Maricela Ríos Inuma, prepared the remedies and cured the sick in her community. At the age of 16, she began to drink ayahuasca, did her first diet and opened her connection with the sacred plants. From that moment on, she was always accompanying her parents in the ceremonies, assisting them and helping them with the different treatments. From the age of 18 she began to guide ayahuasca ceremonies and diets. Maria Juliana is committed to help her patients, heal their body, their soul, their spirit, and align their thoughts and feelings so that they can also open their heart. She believes in life, in peace, harmony, tranquility when one heals and in connection with mother earth through plants and the spirit of the jungle.

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