Maestra Karina Garcia Rios

Master Healer

Maestra Karina Garcia Rios, known by her Shipibo name, Inin Kena, which beautifully translates to “Covering the patient’s body with a beautiful smell,” was born in 1984 in Caco Macaya, Alto Ucayali. Maestra Karina represents the heart and soul of the Shipibo-Konibo indigenous group from the Ucayali Region, Pucallpa-Perú.

Maestra Karina’s journey with healing began in 2003 with her first experience with Ayahuasca, followed by her first dieta in 2005 with Aypana, a bush known for its abundant flowers and pleasant aroma. This marked the beginning of her 12-year journey as a healer, during which she has upheld the legacy of her ancestors and grandmothers, who were keepers of the ancient wisdom of Ayahuasca.

Her philosophy of healing is deeply rooted in the traditions of her people. She stands as a beacon for indigenous women, embodying their cultural values through the use of Ayahuasca Medicine and other master plants. Her approach to healing predates the pharmaceutical industry, offering a connection to the spiritual and physical realms through traditional methods.

In her dedication to preserving and revitalizing the rich heritage of the Shipibo people, Maestra Karina is also the visionary behind the Isa Weni project. This ambitious initiative involves developing a school in the Amazon for the children of her community. Isa Weni aims to educate the next generation of Shipibo children, ensuring they maintain a deep connection with and understanding of their ancestral culture. Furthermore, the school opens its doors to foreigners who are eager to learn about the intricate and fascinating aspects of Shipibo traditions and ways of life. This project is a testament to Maestra Karina’s commitment not only to healing but also to cultural education and sustainability.

In addition to her expertise in indigenous healing practices, Maestra Karina also has training in psychology. This unique combination allows her to engage in meaningful conversations about healing and Shipibo culture with our guests, enhancing their understanding and experience.

Maestra Karina’s presence at Soltara Healing Center brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team of amazing Shipibo healers. Her art and teachings represent the cosmovision of the world, as seen through the visual representations of the songs and energy of the Shipibo Konibo culture. We are truly privileged to work alongside such a remarkable healer and guide.

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