Maestro Javier Vasquez Gomez (Isabarry)

Master Healer

Maestro Javier Vasquez Gomez, or Isabarry, which translates to “bird of the sun” or “messenger of the sun,” is a profound presence at Soltara Healing Center. Born in 1973 and hailing from Nuevo Paraiso outside Pucallpa, Maestro Javier has been a healer for 30 years, learning the ancient arts of plant medicine from his grandfather from a young age. His profound connection to his heritage and the spiritual guidance he provides are cornerstones of his practice.

At Soltara, Maestro Javier not only practices as a healer but also mentors other healer teams, sharing the wisdom handed down through generations of his family. His philosophy, shared with his wife Maestra Anita, centers on the healing power of spiritual clarity and freedom from fear, facilitated through the sacred use of plant medicine. His favorite plant, Shihuahuaco, symbolizes his deep-rooted connection to the earth and his commitment to nurturing the spiritual well-being of his guests. We are truly grateful to have Maestro Javier and his wife Maestra Anita as part of our team, bringing their invaluable lineage and heartfelt medicine to enrich the experiences of all who visit.

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