Maestro Francisco Huayta

Master Healer

Maestro Francisco Huayta is of the Shipibo nation from the area of Pucallpa in the Peruvian Amazon. He began his path with plant medicine dieting plants such as Nihue Rau, Marosa, and Piñon to be able to help people in his commuity heal all kinds of illnesses.

Don Francisco is 70 years old, a respected elder amongst his community. He has worked in this context as an Onanya (Shipibo word for ayahuasca healer, or “one who has wisdom”) for the past 27 years. Before him, his ancestors worked with ayahuasca and the traditional plant medicine methods that were used in the Shipibo culture to protect, strengthen, and heal illnesses. The knowledge was passed down to Maestro Fransisco by his parents and grandparents. These traditional shamanic methods were the main way illness was treated in his community and amongst the Shipibo, well before hospitals and western medicine doctors arrived.

Now Maestro Francisco is delighted to share his wisdom and healing with people from all around the world here at Soltara together with his wife Maestra Maricela. We are grateful for his warm smile, easy laugh, and abundant wisdom of plant medicine and Shipibo cosmology which he shares with our guests and community.

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