What is the ceremonial space/maloca like?

We hold ceremonies in a large circular hut called a maloca, which is the traditional ceremonial space used by the Shipibo people for ceremony.

During ceremony, guests have their own mattresses in a circle around the outer rim of the maloca space, with their own pillows, blanket, and buckets in case the need to purge arises during ceremony. There are bathrooms just outside of the maloca, and our facilitators are on call to help guests should they need any assistance. The healers and facilitators are in the center of the maloca, and during ceremony the healers will come to sit in front of each guest’s mat and sing a personal icaro (healing song) based on their intention and what the healers feel is needed. The Shipibo do not employ instruments or any other tools besides song, mapacho (sacred tobacco), and flower water. We work with one female and one male indigenous Peruvian Shipibo healer during ceremony, as well as three facilitators, for a group size of 18 – 21 guests.

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