What does your integration program involve?

Our overall approach to healing is based on the wisdom and guidance of our Shipibo healers, as well as our combined decades of experience from our previous work at several top-rated ayahuasca centers in the Peruvian Amazon, the feedback we have gotten from our communities, and what we have collectively seen is needed in this space. As such, we emphasize a strong focus on integration, how to support people to carry their work home with them and enact the healing into their lives. We work closely with clinical psychologists who also have years of experience working with the medicine as well as certifications in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Our integration program involves various components both on and off-site. You can read more about it here, and below is a brief overview:

  • “The Hero’s Journal” – this creative and personalize-able integration journal is given to everyone on arrival, and takes you through the process of reflection, intention-setting, ceremony, and building your own integration plan. This framework is vetted by our clinical psychologist advisors and empowers you to set yourself up for success based on your goals and process during your stay.
  • We will have integration discussions during your stay which incorporate different aspects of the journal and are designed to help you flesh out an actionable plan from the time you begin your process at Soltara to help carry you back into the default world and enact the lessons and insights you gain from your experience
  • Our retreat programming is centered around helping you immerse yourself in different healing modalities, many of which you can take back with you (bodywork, meditation, nature, etc.), to help you cultivate habits that feel right for you and can help you maintain the healing work done during your retreat.
  • Our community of loving and incredible souls, all of whom are also going through their own healing journeys, welcomes you with open hearts to share in the integration process and expand your knowledge base.
  • We offer a series of post-retreat follow-up emails with resources, videos, and content designed to help you check in with yourself and continue to support your journey back home.
  • We also offer regular virtual group integration circles with members of our integration support team to share in real-time the successes and struggles of your processes, answer questions, and connect with each other in the weeks and months following your retreat.
  • Finally, we provide a network of clinical psychologists and psychotherapists who are able to work with you in 1-on-1 sessions to dive deeper into your integration and further explore and maintain your healing process.

We are very excited about the framework we have created with the help of our advisors to help you maximize the benefits of your healing work. We are heavily focused on empowering people to be their own healers and set themselves up to continue that beyond the retreat.

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