What are the accommodations like at Soltara Amazon?

Accommodations range from Eco-Tambo to a Private Single Suite, with options for shared double rooms.

One thing to keep in mind about our location in the Amazon is that it is significantly more rustic than our location in Costa Rica. Soltara Amazon is a technology free retreat – which means there will not be any wifi, cell service, or air conditioning. There will be limited electricity onsite, in addition to solar powered lights and showers. 

The tambos do not have a built in power source, and will likely include simple solar powered lanterns to serve as a light source. The tambo shares bathrooms/showers with the maloca so the showers are not equipped with hot water. The other accommodations have solar powered hot water showers. Staying in the tambo is certainly minimalistic and simple, but also more in line with how traditional medicine work has been done in the past. If you’re looking for a bit more comfort, the other accommodations are in fairly modern buildings.

Because we are located in a High Protection Zone of the Cordillera Escalera National Park, we will provide soaps for guests as they cannot use anything that is not natural, biodegradable, and organic.

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