I’m looking for integration support

If you came for a retreat with us, we offer 1-on-1 integration sessions with a member of our integration support team, Sean Chiddy.  Sean is a psychotherapist and has several years of experience supporting people through their processes before, during, and after they work with ayahuasca medicine. There is a free initial session included as part of your retreat, and if you would like further support beyond that, Sean offers 50-60 minute sessions at an additional cost ($99). Please follow the appropriate link in your post-retreat integration email to schedule your first session, or email us at letgo@soltara.co if you would like us to re-send the link to you.

Otherwise, the following resources have all been vetted by our integration team and can offer different options based on the type of support you are looking for:

We also work with clinical psychologists Dr. Clancy Cavnar and Dr. Sharon Rafferty. If you would like a referral to connect with them for integration sessions, please email us at letgo@soltara.co.

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