Are there off-site excursions during the retreat? Can I leave site during the retreat?

During the retreat, guests are free to head to two nearby beaches during their free time throughout the day (~3 minute walk down our beach trails). We do not offer excursions offsite, nor do we allow guests to travel offsite during their retreat beyond the beaches, nor visit with others who are not on retreat. The reason for this is that we create a very strong energetic container for guests to undergo what can sometimes be very deep experiences. It is important, when one is open and working with ayahuasca plant medicine, that the sanctity of the container be maintained in order for people to stay in their process while working with the medicine. Minimizing interactions and energetic exchanges with those who are not on retreat, and removing the need to worry about any travel logistics, allow for guests to be fully immersed in their process and truly get the most out of their experience. Being completely surrounded by nature in our multi-acre grounds, with easy access to walking trails and the beach, and an intimate yet diverse group of no more than 22 guests, this ends up being quite sufficient without people feeling pressure to go on any extra excursions. =]

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