Are there extra activities/destinations you recommend before or after my retreat?

After the retreat, there are a number of attractions on the Nicoya Peninsula for you to enjoy depending on your personal interests and time available before or after your stay with us. Keep in mind you may want to prioritize rest and relaxation after your ayahuasca experience, to help begin integration and allow yourself time before flying home. Having said this below are some of our recommendations.

1-2+ days

If you are short on time there are day trips out of San Jose to the La Paz waterfall, Lake Arenal/Arenal Volcano, Local Coffee Plantations or simple walking tours of the city all which offer scenic views and the flavor of the “puravida” lifestyle that Costa Rica is known for. See the front desk at the Wyndham for more information on 1-day tours.

Two hours south of Soltara you will find the bustling, international surf town of Santa Teresa. This area is rich with surf, yoga, tide pools and breathtaking sunsets. Here you can rent a quad, take surf lessons or simply walk along some of the most incredible beaches in the country. For a more tranquil lodging look to neighboring “pueblos” Mal Pais or Playa Hermosa. From here is easy to take day trips to the Montezuma Waterfall, Isla Tortuga or the Curu National Reserve.

Two other options for sunny beach towns (within 2-3 hours) include Playa Nosara / Playa Samara and Jaco. Nosara and Samara both have a well established expat community, a great beginner surf break (Nosara), beach front dining (Samara) and lots of space to roam, finding peace and slow rhythm is easy to achieve here. Jaco has a large expansive beach and is one of the countries top travel destinations due to it’s proximity to the airport, world class sport fishing and vibrant Costa Rican culture.

Within the 3 hour drive of Soltara is also the Monteverde Cloud Forrest which is certainly recommended for those who seek the quiet, cool embrace of lush mountain terrain. There is plenty of wildlife to enjoy and is an excellent recommendation for those who wish to be immersed in the clouds. From this area you can easily plan to see the Fortuna waterfall. La Fortuna is also a destination in its own right and has several hot springs that we feel are a perfect end to a week at Soltara.

3-5+ days

If you have more time to explore Costa Rica going further south to towns such as Domincal/Uvita (5 hours from Soltara) is a great option. For the true explorers make your way down to Corcovado National Park, an isolated area that boasts 2.5% of the worlds bio-diversity. This is not a short journey and we recommend flying from SJO to save valuable time.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas, Costa Rica is rich with lush fauna, wildlife and attractions of all kinds depending on your interests. We would be happy to help you coordinate separate transportation to any destination, noting that this would be at a separate cost if you will not be joining the group shuttle back to San Jose. If you have any additional questions or are interested in booking transportation to your post-retreat destination please email and we will be happy to assist you further. For your own research we can recommend to get estimated travel times and costs to all destinations.

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