Ezio Cabalceta

Local Operations Manager

Ezio, born and raised in Costa Rica, comes from both Costa Rican oceans – Pacific and Atlantic. His father is from Guanacaste, along the Pacific Ocean, and his mother is from Limón, along the Caribbean Atlantic. As such, he considers himself a son of the ocean, and loves living a lifestyle that represents that, enjoying the ocean and taking care of it as much as he can, and sharing that same feeling with his wife and children. Since he was a young boy, his family traveled all over Costa Rican coasts, camping and living life “pura vida” style. His biggest passion is his family, he has 1 daughter and 1 son, and his second biggest passion is surfing. He has been an avid surfer since he was 18 years old.

Ezio has worked in tourism for the last 8 years in different positions and areas around Costa Rica. He studied tourism and cooking as his careers. He has worked in restaurants, tour operations, and hotels. At Soltara, Ezio wears many hats, managing local operations, including our maintenance, housekeeping, kitchen, and security teams, always working to ensure smooth experience for our guests and team, and beautifying the Soltara grounds with more plants, projects, and love! His passion, dedication, and attention to detail form the backbone of our center’s operations, and we are grateful for his easy smile, warm heart, and commitment to high quality in everything he does.

He loves working at Soltara because he feels it is the type of work that really represents who he is, and that is making the people around him feel happy and well cared for.

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