David Rose

Retreat Assistant

David was born and raised in London, England. His interests in genetics and neuroscience led him to eventually study psychology and behavioural genetics at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland. There, more specifically, he focussed on investigating the behavioural-genetic explanation for resilience as a human trait. David’s interests such as genetics and cryptography reflect his scientific, rational tendencies as a thinker – much of which was wonderfully contested, even shattered, after having profound and mystical experiences drinking ayahuasca.

After several ayahuasca retreats in quick succession in 2022, David continued his medicine path by journeying into the Amazon jungle to carry out his first dieta under a Shipibo maestro and maestra in their home. Since April 2023, David has been a member of the Soltara team, in which he continues to walk his medicine path with joy.

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