Christina Klassen


Christina brings two decades of experience rooted in the Shipibo tradition to the Soltara facilitation team. She is deeply inspired and guided by earth-centered ritual and ceremonial medicines. Her commitment to the natural world is evident in her approach to human healing. Employing her intuitive skills, she assists individuals on transformative journeys, seamlessly blending traditional wisdom with contemporary insights.

Christina’s unique perspective extends beyond traditional practices, with an emphasis on the profound healing available through embracing the entire spectrum of human experience. With a deep empirical understanding of our capacity to navigate the vast polarities of our internal emotional landscapes, she aims to guide individuals towards a holistic integration of their ceremonial experiences and to further cultivate harmony and coherence within the authentic self.

Her facilitation goes beyond the immediate effects of plant medicine, encouraging individuals to explore and accept the richness of their own human journey. She believes that by fully engaging with the diverse facets of our existence, we unlock aspects of the psyche in which lay keys to potent healing. Likewise, she believes the need to balance inward and outward achievements is an integral aspect of human happiness that has been vastly neglected in our current paradigm. Through her guidance, participants not only connect with plant medicine but also with the intricate tapestry of their own emotions, fostering a profound sense of self-discovery and holistic well-being.

Beyond her role as a facilitator, Christina walks the path of an artist, intertwining creativity with spirituality and relational healing. Her artistic expression is fostered and fed by a deeper connection to nature, plant-based medicines, and the healing potencies found within earth-centered relating. In her journey of life, areas of study and interest have been Mysticism, Psychology, Indigenous Sciences & Ceremony, Alchemy, Theosophy, Trauma & Somatics, and Poetry. She holds various certifications within these fields but continues to place the majority of due credit on experiential wisdoms born through honest explorations of the individual self within healthy community contexts.

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