Maestra Anita Perez Sinacay (Matsakate)

Master Healer

We are delighted to welcome Maestra Anita Perez Sinacay, affectionately known by her Shipibo name, Matsakate, meaning “beautiful woman full of the light and colors of the medicine,” to the Soltara Healing Center family. Born in 1975 in the vibrant community of Nuevo Paraiso, Coronel Portillo, in the Ucayali Region, Maestra Anita has been steeped in the rich traditions of healing for 25 years. Her journey into the realms of healing began with her first dieta with Renaco, and like the deep roots of this plant, she has developed a profound connection to her ancestral knowledge.

Maestra Anita, alongside her husband Maestro Javier, comes from a revered lineage of medicine carriers, with a shared belief in the transformative power of plant medicine. Their philosophy of healing emphasizes spiritual strength and clarity, aiming to illuminate the path to wellness with the light of God. At Soltara, Maestra Anita brings her gentle yet powerful approach to healing, facilitating guests’ connections to the healing spirits of the plants and the natural world. Her favorite plant, Shihuahuaco, is known for its grounding and strengthening properties, mirroring her own role within the healing community.

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