Sean Chiddy

Psychotherapist | Integration Support

Sean Chiddy is a psychotherapist providing integration support to guests in preparation for their retreats and when they return home. He has also facilitated retreats at Soltara and specialises in combining applied mindful and other psychological approaches to help people confidently navigate the medicine space and get the most from their experiences.

With a longstanding interest in healing and wellbeing, Sean trained and registered as a Psychologist in Australia and later as a Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist in the UK, supporting people working with various common mental health conditions including depression, trauma (PTSD) and various other mood and anxiety problems. He was rated a top performing therapist at one of the largest providers of treatment in the UK health system. He is known for his compassionate and down to earth manner.

After beginning his work with ayahuasca and other plant medicines in 2011 he moved to Peru in 2015 working in the integration team at one of the most respected ayahuasca centers there along with facilitating a successful workshop series called Mindfulness and the Medicine. Whilst in Peru, he began dieting with Shipibo maestros and continues to be amazed by the depth and potential of this plant medicine tradition. He joined Soltara in 2019, inspired by the opportunity to work with the world class team being assembled.

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