Robert Yexley


Robert was born and raised in London, and currently splits his time between Costa Rica & Peru. From his earliest years, he has been fascinated by the mysteries of life and possessed a deep-rooted affinity for nature and exploring the world around him. An adventurer at heart, he has travelled the globe, immersing himself in diverse cultures and forging connections with people from varied communities, enriching his understanding of the human experience.

Originally studying to become an actor, he transitioned into a career in advertising, where he held positions with some of the UK’s largest publishers.

In his quest for direction and self-acceptance, he found himself drawn to the transformative potential of ayahuasca in 2014. This experience became a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth, and over the subsequent years, he continued to deepen his relationship with ayahuasca in the UK and also in Ecuador, and Peru.

In 2020, Robert returned to South America to immerse himself in plant medicine work and fully commit to the path of serving others. He began facilitating at an ayahuasca center in the Amazon jungle of Peru and later in Mexico. And during this time, he strengthened his connection to the Shipibo tradition and also worked extensively with other sacred medicines including kambo, bufo, and peyote.

Robert was delighted to join the Soltara team in April 2022 and feels honored to continue guiding groups through their journeys with ayahuasca.

Known for his compassionate nature, quick wit, and genuine kindness, he embodies a deep commitment to supporting others on their paths of healing and self-discovery. He aims to empower individuals and help them integrate their newfound wisdom with warmth, playfulness and curiosity to bring long-lasting change to their lives.

Robert graduated from Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry professional training program in February 2024. In addition to his work with plant medicine, he is also a yoga teacher and has taught across various countries in Latin America.

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