Richard Willis

Intake Coordinator

Richard Wade Willis is dedicated to applying powerful methods like Compassionate Inquiry and traditional healing modalities to help his clients move through challenging spaces of addiction and psychological suffering toward liberation and well-being. His experiential knowing has been well-earned throughout his own journey of healing and awakening.

He began working with plant medicines in the Peruvian Amazon in 2013, after recovering from many years of severe addiction, and found their capacities for healing to radically shift the course of his life. His subsequent commitment to plant dieta with Ayahuasca, and awakening to the vast healing potential of spirit medicine, reached new heights when he began his apprenticeship with Don Agustin Machacca Florez of Q’eros Nation in 2016. His skillful approach and keen insights into psycho-spiritual integration are nourished through sustained study with Jennifer Welwood and Dr. Gabor Mate. In recent years, he has committed to a long-term initiatory path with the Lakota people, and the Sundance.

Each year, he teaches courses on dreamwork and Peruvian Shamanism that culminate in an in-person group journey to the high mountains of Peru. His private practice is open to support those who wish to receive honest reflections and skillful guidance from an experienced practitioner.

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