• Shared Jungle Loft (2 guests) – $5,000.00
  • Private Jungle Loft (1 or 2 guests booking together) – $6,250.00
  • Private Studio House (1 or 2 guests as a couple) – $6,250.00

Date & Time Details: Program begins on December 28, 2024 with an 11:00 am pickup at a hotel next to the Liberia (LIR) airport. We will provide you with hotel information in your confirmation email. We recommend arriving the day before, but if arriving on December 28, please book your arriving flight to land before 8 am. You will return to the hotel on January 2, 2025 by 2:30 pm. Ground transportation to Soltara is included in package pricing.

Location: The Sanctuary at Two Rivers

Address: Montezua, Costa Rica

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Soltara at The Sanctuary – New Year’s Eve Retreat

December 28, 2024 - January 2, 2025

Looking to start 2025 with intention, clarity, and connection?

If so, our team of loving, compassionate facilitators and healers invite you to our jungle Sanctuary to support you as you dive deeply into your process, welcoming the new year and integrating the past year with community and medicine.


The turn of the year is always symbolic and a special time at Soltara. Alongside a community of like-minded souls, together we celebrate it in a way that encourages catalytic positive change in our lives.

For many, this past year (and more) has presented unique challenges. How can we heal from, integrate, and utilize the insights and lessons gained from our experiences and effect positive change?

For those looking to be supported in this journey, this year we’re offering a New Year’s Retreat at our Montezuma retreat space, The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, for some deep introspection, cleansing, and goal-setting as the year 2025 befalls us.  Together, we’ll step into the new year with more energy and clarity than we had in the year past; with a renewed grasp on our lives, our health, our well-being, and our futures.

Join us in Costa Rica with an intimate and intentional community of no more than 14 guests to ring in the new year.  We’ll have ceremonies on the three nights leading up to the new year, with our final ceremony on Dec 31, to begin 2025 with a clear mind and an open heart. On the final evening, January 1, we will have a special (non-medicine) ceremonial gathering to integrate your experience, welcome the new year with your fellow passengers, and visualize your path forward for 2025.  Afterward, spend time together or with yourself, under the jungle canopy, swimming in the waterfall, and sharing songs by the fire. By the end of the retreat, you’ll be ready to start making the positive change you desire in your life and the world around you.

We look forward to supporting you in your journey.

Nestled amidst tropical gardens and a private river and waterfall on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, Soltara Healing Center offers ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies guided by our loving team of Indigenous Peruvian Shipibo healers and trauma-informed facilitators, alongside a variety of healing modalities and the space for you to let your intuition guide your process. Connect to nature, community, and the Shipibo wisdom tradition in one of the most abundant and biodiverse places in the world, where you will be supported and cared for, before, during, and after your stay with us.

For those seeking an all-in-one retreat to ease the mind while experiencing the full spectrum of healing modalities we offer, this 5-night/6-day package makes the most of our retreat schedule with our intentional program. Upon arrival at our pickup location, you’ll be greeted by our trusted transportation service professionals for a journey through the beautiful rolling hills of Costa Rica to Soltara Healing Center.

After a warm welcome and a brief tour of our center, enjoy a family dinner prepared freshly in our conscious kitchen, and begin your retreat of connection, healing, and medicine.

Your journey at Soltara includes:

  • A thorough intake process to ensure a safe and supportive retreat
  • 1 full year of online community membership and holistic, expert-led preparation and integration support through our Soltara Community Platform
  • 3 ayahuasca ceremonies with highly-experienced Peruvian Shipibo healers
  • Intimate group sizes (maximum capacity 12 – 14 guests) with individualized attention from healers during ceremony
  • High facilitator-to-guest ratio with skilled facilitators who have combined decades of experience working in ceremony and helping guests through the healing process
  • On-site integration workshops and sharing circles
  • Your own copy of our integration journal, published by Soltara in collaboration with plant medicine therapists
  • A special (non-medicine) intention-setting ceremony to prepare you for the new year
  • All meals in our conscious cuisine kitchen prepared fresh daily from organic and local sources in an ayahuasca-friendly manner
  • Eco-luxe accommodations with spacious, airy layouts, hot showers, private bathrooms, and jungle vistas
  • Transportation to and from the pick-up location near LIR airport
  • Yoga classes for all levels throughout your stay
  • Pranayama breathwork and meditation sessions
  • Floral baths with medicinal plants lovingly prepared by our healers
  • Nature immersion on a 40-acre wildlife reserve along a private river & waterfall in one of the most abundant & biodiverse regions on the planet
  • Secluded & social spaces like hammocks, an open-air yoga shala, jungle meditation room, and fire circle
  • Access to our private on-site pool & spa offerings
  • Oceanview platform with 360 jungle views
  • Access to our Entwined program, a 12-module program with resources & support for the loved ones & family members of those stepping into plant medicine ceremony
  • Lifetime 10% discount for all return visits




Our package pricing can help you save on accommodations, transportation, and logistics. Our 5-night program is designed for your optimal ease and comfort, so you can free your mind to focus fully on yourself and your experience.

We look forward to having you with us.



We are called to serve medicine in sacred ceremony with integrity, humility, and compassion. By creating a safe space and working only with experienced, well-intentioned healers and facilitators, we uphold the lessons of the medicines and build a foundation of mutual trust, authenticity, and respect. We are not gurus, preachers, or enlightened beings – our healers are maestros who humbly transmit the knowledge and healing energies of the plants, and our facilitators are devoted to helping guests face, process, and explore difficult experiences and emotions, handle projections, manage expectations, and surrender to the process. We strive to uphold the highest integrity in everything we do and be a beacon for responsible, safe, and ethical practices, such that our guests feel safe and supported to get the most out of their healing.