Nicole Bartzak

Guest Experience Coordinator
Nicole was born, raised and is currently based in Northern New Jersey.
Guided by a deep connection to spirit, natural curiosity and longing to reconnect to the Earth and the most exalted version of herself, Nicole first found herself sitting with Ayahuasca in February of 2012.  This experience inspired her to leave her budding career at an Investment Bank in New York to move to the Peruvian Amazon, where she was based from 2012-2016 working deeply with Ayahuasca and the Shipibo and helping to support others on their journey.
Nicole is a Trauma Informed E-RYT 500, KRI 200 with an additional 50 hours of yin training.
With yoga and plant medicine as her guides, Nicole continues to understand, more deeply embody and integrate teachings of reciprocity, integrity, and love.  She sees the body as a guide that reflects the healing each of us still has to do, and that which has already been done – each muscle, tissue, ligament, synapse, cell holding a thread of each person’s story that all come together as a whole.  For the individual and the collective.
She finds healing through movement, expression, presence, breath and connection and has dedicated her path to help guide others seeking the same.  In the name of Green Tara, she dedicates her work to the Highest Good of All.
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