Nicholas Boyea


Nicholas joined the Soltara team in 2022 and has fully dedicated his life to understanding and serving in the Shipibo healing system. He can be deeply compassionate with people from all walks of life, having lived in many places and overcoming intense personal challenges. Nicholas’s devotion to the plant world originated in his childhood in the rural mountains of upstate New York, where he snowboarded, fished, hunted, and gardened. His love for nature further evolved in Colorado as he began his journey actively tending to and learning from different medicinal plants.

This led him to a deep understanding of the need to embody the wisdom these plants had to offer. Nicholas decided to focus on his own emotional and ancestral healing with the African plant medicine Iboga in the ancient Missoko Bwiti tradition. His personal work led to training in supporting others, which became an integral part of his desire into actively serving others. Life later led Nicholas to the Chirripo Mountain in Costa Rica, where he fell in love with ayahuasca while sitting in his local medicine center. He loves engaging in community building and receiving mentorship while attending ceremonial gatherings in various traditions. Nicholas is particularly passionate about holding space for processes of addiction recovery. He is devoted to the constant immersion and study of human potential, plant medicine traditions, and therapeutic approaches to personal growth.

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