Massiel Obando Garcia

Kitchen Manager

Massiel Obando Garcia comes from a small town called Matagalpa located in Northern Nicaragua. She has lived in Costa Rica since 2009 in Playa Blanca, one of the beautiful beaches right next to Soltara. She loves cooking and everything that has to do with it, and her passion shows in the food she makes at Soltara! She loves working with local foods, local exotic fruits, organic vegetables and fresh fish and chicken to create beautiful, wholesome dishes that nourish the soul. She pours her heart into each dish and has helped our kitchen become a space for gathering, nourishment, community, and delicious, ayahuasca-friendly food which complements the medicine work. She also trains new staff and helps ensure kitchen operations run smoothly alongside our Chef, Jesse.

Masi has been part of the Soltara family since its inception, and since working here, has also created a love for ayahuasca and deepened her relationship with plant medicines. She loves Soltara because she considers it her second family – she loves Pinta, our beloved dog, and all the staff too. One of her greatest pleasures is to see the guests and staff enjoy the food that she and her team prepares, and help support the healing & medicine experience.

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