Beto (Porras) Matarrita Gilberto

Head of Maintenance

Porras Matarrita Gilberto, also known as Beto, comes from Pueblo Nuevo, a very rural small town located about 20 minutes from Soltara. He grew up working on a farm and loves this type of work, connecting with nature and making a farm look beautiful. When he is not making sure all is running smoothly at Soltara, that is his work and passion. He also enjoys permitted and regulated hunting, which is how he helps to feed his family.

Beto has been part of the Soltara family for a long time and we don’t know what we would do without him! He has helped our small business and project flourish and grow into the beautiful Center we have today, and he continues to work on projects to support the infrastructure, landscaping, security, and maintenance of our beautiful home. We are grateful for his warm smile, commitment to high quality, and willingness to always lend a helping hand.

Beto loves working at Soltara because he gets to learn new things every day, and has access to many different tools and projects. He enjoys working with his hands and making sure our grounds are beautiful and our infrastructure is well cared for.

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