Tyler Begg


Tyler is a visual artist, videographer, craftsman and a seeker. He strives always to grow, to learn and to share his understanding with others. Tyler believes that honest communication is the gateway to healing, not just on an individual level but culturally as well and he is always trying to strengthen his own abilities to do so with integrity. With understanding comes compassion and with compassion, healing. For Tyler every being holds in their experiential wisdom a puzzle piece to understand the nature of reality and himself, what it means to be human.

Tyler graduated with a degree in Cinema Production and Fine Arts, but born into a family of coaches and psychologists, has always had an ear open to healing the mind and body. After five years behind the scenes in film production Tyler changed his focus to plant medicines and the growing need for helpful, contextual information about them for a Western audience. The need for an educated reconnection to community, nature and self is very apparent and a task Tyler takes deeply to heart. Each person is their own healer and the fulfillment he experiences by offering support to those undertaking their own healing process is profound. Tyler was moved to pursue a spiritual path with plant medicines when he began learning from them in 2013 and holds plants and the traditions that work with them in high esteem. 

Tyler is excited to work with Soltara to develop a setting that can exemplify a new paradigm of healthcare which learns from the traditions of the Shipibo culture to understand the crucial roles of individuality, spirituality, ceremony, community and context in the balance of health; while at the same time keeping the incredible benefits of Western scientific approaches and solutions in sight. Nature, culture, and experience do not benefit from a single dominant force or ideology, but through collaboration and symbiosis.

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