Scott Hussa


Adopted by an incredibly loving and supportive family at the age of three, Scott’s personal journey of self-discovery truly began in 2014 when he made his way down to the Peruvian Amazon jungle for his first Ayahuasca (Uni in Shipibo) workshop. What was intended to be a month-long deep immersion program transformed into a radical and fundamental shift in life for him. He returned to the Peruvian Amazon eight months later and has been working as a facilitator full-time ever since. He has been learning about plant medicines with Shipibo Curanderos and apprenticing with his Maestra.

Part seeker, part wanderer, and a creator at heart, Scott attended the University of Oregon, studying Journalism and Advertising before traveling extensively in Asia. He was involved in three startups while living in Seoul. He was a consultant and executive coach at Samsung-Tesco’s head office for five years. Upon returning to the United States, he launched two Kickstarter campaigns in 2012 and raised over $350,000.00 in combined funding between the two projects.

Scott’s personal and professional experiences have helped him grow as a facilitator and as a manager at the centers he’s worked at. He is looking forward to learning more and applying what he has learned at Soltara and is excited to join our talented team.

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