Neils Poole

Retreat Director

Our resident Australian Neils has spent the last decade traversing his own unique path of spiritual exploration and has developed deep relationships with plant medicine and andean land energy in Peru. His first encounter with plant medicine was in 2012 while travelling in South America before spending several months participating in ceremonies around Iquitos, Peru. 

In 2014 Neils co-created a plant medicine retreat named Spirit Plant Journeys. He guided hundreds of retreat guests through plant medicine experiences in some 50+ retreats over the course of four years. During this time he worked with a mestizo maestro of a “Palero” lineage from the Peruvian Amazon. He separated from this organisation in 2018. Neils originally came from a science background having studied Botany in Australia, but in the last decade has done many things and lived in many places including Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Ecuador, Peru and now Costa Rica for the last 9 years. 

He lived in Peru for six years and during this time he busied himself starting businesses, being involved in producing a documentary pilot about Amazonian plant medicine as well as developing sustainable and educational, cultural travel experiences for a Peruvian tourism company. It is one of Neils’s deepest passions to be of service to plant medicine and support people embarking on healing journeys.

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