Natalie Crncich

Kitchen Manager

Natalie found her wanderlust in her early 20’s travelling to Central America, starting in Costa Rica. It was there she realized that home may be just a state of mind and so her dreams and goals became focused on being able to sustain life on a beach, where she felt most able to express her true self. Consciously curious, she could always be found expressing her creativity through writing, all the while thriving at her ‘real jobs’, yet always questioning her purpose. She wanted to explore other countries, immerse in different cultures learning more about the Earth we call home. Personal purpose being her aim, she naturally dreamt about how to maintain a lifestyle on the path, and surround herself with other people finding theirs. She soon understood how the North American lifestyle and the complexity we create in our daily lives may be completely unnecessary and actually a cause to so many health problems today.

She came to study Holistic Nutrition in 2014 after medical doctors were unable to help in her own healing journey. Thanks to the guidance and helpful healing modalities from her Naturopath, she began to feel empowered to use her own intuition for healing through movement, mindfulness and most importantly, food. She woke up one day with the strength to change, the desire to learn and the willingness to be taught again. This was the turning point when awareness of the mind, body and spirit connection became the most necessary component of Natalie‘s day to day. The program she studied in her home of Ontario, Canada was the direction she had searched for. She has since applied the knowledge of Ayurvedic cooking, the importance of seasonal and local purchasing, along with one big cup of mindfulness and a sprinkle of love, finally, to attain recipe bliss (in life/each person and food)!

Natalie knew of the possibility to live somewhere warmer year round, hoping to find solace in a home that would be better for her health. A change of scenery seemed to be her next calling for growth. After her schooling and 4 years of cold winters after that first taste of living on a beach, she left Ontario in February 2017. She had a desire to learn more Spanish and to apply her now grounded holistic mindset. She left her stable, comfortable life with two great jobs as management in a fine dining restaurant and a handmade soap company, to go on to claim the nomadic lifestyle course in travelling alone.

Finally back, immersed in the Spanish culture of South America this time, she spent half a year in Ecuador and Columbia loving, learning and immersing continuously. She prides herself on her ability to connect with all people, learning quickly and sharing her journey through modalities of healing like movement, yoga, massage and cooking. It was two years of traveling alone, living out of a backpack with many ups and downs and many lessons on the road until Soltara serendipitously found her. Natalie used her trusty intuition and enthusiastic mindset for possibilities as she took on this new opportunity of opening the Conscious Kitchen.

Natalie has many passions and they all begin in the place of self love and wanting to understand her own healing powers. From here she believes it possible to guide others interested in learning how to find their own empowerment. She wishes to nourish and teach by feeding all souls in search of a healthier nutritional lifestyle. Nutrition rich, clean food made with love and eaten with awareness, along with consistently learning, are some of her constant pursuits. She believes that food is the best medicine, second to laughter only. She encourages everyone she meets and feeds to learn more about what their own bodies and minds need to flourish and find homeostasis.

‘Balance is the key to longevity’.
‘Food is the forgotten miracle’

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