Kendra Birdsall


As a visual artist and healer, Kendra Birdsall aims to combine her experience with spiritual ceremony, psychology, and artistic expression in elevating the self-healing intuition of others. She believes that our inner wisdom is always communicating with us and that plant medicine and meditation are tools that help us learn the language of our higher selves. Through her experience working with ayahuasca and mindfulness practices, she has felt the call to serve others in their pursuit of growth.

Kendra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania with coursework in Cultural Anthropology and Mind-Body Medicine (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). As a student, she was involved in researching the prevalence and contributing factors of child abuse, domestic violence, and adolescent depression. She has professional experience working in a therapeutic setting supporting individuals with histories of trauma, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, and developmental and physical disabilities. Kendra has also worked within the Native American community in the Northwestern United States where she facilitated an outreach program and support group for native elders. Her elders taught her the value of ceremony, how to truly listen, and gave her the spiritual name that now guides her in sharing her medicine with the world.

Kendra’s journey with plant medicine began in 2010 and she has since focused on cultivating respect and understanding for these sacred traditions. She is driven to bring forward professionalism, respect for culture and tradition, and her passionate desire to make healing accessible to those who seek it. Kendra is thrilled to be joining such a focused and talented team that is devoted to upholding these same values.

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