Jaymie Braun

Director of Operations

It was 2012 when Jaymie first decided to spend three months living in one of the world’s famed Blue Zones, the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica. She came to the land of “Puravida” after leaving a much loved, 10 year career in fashion, marketing and events. She traveled south seeking three things, clean air, clean food and clean water. These same elements continue to be a driving force in her life and that first 3-month journey has now turned into 7 years living in paradise. As a lifelong traveler and adventurer Jaymie has found herself working and volunteering for retreat businesses’ around the globe. She spent time cooking on an adventure catamaran for week-long yoga, surf and kiteboarding charters around the Caribbean and then as a retreat hostess for an all women sanctuary in Bali. Her enthusiasm, optimism and deep search for ecological connection and balance have been her constant companions on her transformational journey that now brings her to Soltara Healing Center in Costa Rica.

Graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Business Ethics and Theology from Willam Jessup University, Jaymie has always considered herself a seeker. After deeply exploring breath work, she received her first introduction to plant medicine in 2014. Her beloved teacher guided her through an experience into a sacred container that she continues to reference to this day. After some time spent searching deeply within and a short period of isolation, Jaymie was prepared for her next undertaking. Three separate chance meetings between strangers lead to a chef opportunity that became available at Soltara Healing Center. After meeting the incredible team of people that she was to work along side in person, she knew immediately that she had been lead to the right place. With love in their hands Jaymie, Natalie and Vivi successfully served the first meal from the Soltara Conscious Kitchen in June of 2018. Finding the freshest organic ingredients, supporting local growers and making delicious ayahuasca friendly recipes became the clear focus, it was a purpose in line with one of her driving ethos, clean food.

As Soltara grew and evolved, Jaymie’s organizational experience pulled her out of the kitchen and into the role of Director of Operations. Now her focus is on travel logistics, welcoming our guests in San Jose and making sure the facilities are well maintained and comfortable. She humbly continues her own healing journey and is honored to sit alongside others who are committed to healing through the use of traditional Amazonian medicine. She is especially grateful for the opportunity to work with the gifted Shipibo Maestros who leave their homes and families in Peru and dedicate a portion of their time each year to helping others at Soltara.

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