Francesca Barone

Guest Experience Coordinator

As a powerful communicator with a love for inspiring those around her, Francesca is passionate about her role as Guest Experience Coordinator. The decision to embark on a highly personal plant medicine journey is a big one, so to have Francesca’s voice guiding you in the leadup to the retreat is invaluable. As a certified holistic health practitioner with a dynamic background in health coaching, emotional empowerment, and intuitive healing practices, she strives to support each guest as an individual and guide them to embrace the uniqueness of their own journey. Her deepest passion is to help others reconnect to their heart and restore their mind and body to wellbeing through the incredible wisdom of nature. She continues to courageously walk her own spiritual path by deepening her connection and knowledge of plant medicines while working at Soltara.

Francesca grew up in Ohio and at an early age connected deeply with her Sicilian roots. She set out traveling the world with a thirst for learning stories and traditions passed down through food. She embarked on a career as a chef at a young age and worked her way through restaurants in the Pacific Northwest and Colorado. After running her own restaurants in her 20s, she recognized her community’s deep need for healing, and she began exploring the power of food as medicine. Personally impacted throughout her life by those struggling with addiction and mental health issues, she grew passionate about creating change in the western healthcare system. She craved to understand how as a culture we had grown so disconnected from each other, our bodies, our food, and our land. After graduating from UC Colorado with a focus on biochemistry and microbiology, she shifted her view of human sciences to explore alternative medicine in a hope to empower collective healing and help individuals discover their truest selves and embrace a life of freedom, vitality, and love.

She set out on her own spiritual healing journey traveling the world and landed in SE Asia where she spent years diving into Eastern practices, Ayurvedic science, nutrition, yoga, and mindfulness. The sacred land energies and ancient traditions of China, Vietnam, and Indonesia gifted her profound healing knowledge and she craved to bring that wisdom back home. She achieved her Masters of Science from the National University of Natural Medicine in naturopathic medicine, focusing on mental and emotional health, addictions, eating disorders, and the mind-body connection. With her deep caring nature and extensive background in health and wellness, she strives to hold space for each potential guest with deep compassion and to remind them of their incredible capacity to heal and grow.

In 2019, she was guided here to Soltara for her first encounter with plant medicine. Her experience was transformational, and she quickly decided to answer a calling to discover the extraordinary healing world of plant medicine, indigenous wisdom, and to live in service to those on a path of awakening.

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