Alex Althoff

Translator, Facilitator

Alex graduated from the University of Arizona in 2009 where he was an East Asian Studies major and spent three semesters studying Mandarin in Nanjing, China. After a few years working odd jobs in the U.S., his heart called him back to Nanjing, where he taught English and Spanish at an international high school.

Alex’s interest in psychedelics began in 2014 after a profound psilocybin experience prompted him to quit smoking and stop eating meat for six months. He soon after booked his first ayahuasca retreat in Peru and the rest was history. Having had significant alcohol problems in the past, ayahuasca helped him see there were other issues he had not been dealing with. He believes that ayahuasca has tremendous potential to break down the emotional and psychological walls people build to hide from the parts of themselves they might not want to deal with. He hopes that his experience in coming face to face with his own darkness will help him be more empathetic to other people having the same experience.

Additionally, Alex learned that integrating the ayahuasca experience proved more difficult than the experience itself. He hopes that others can learn from his mistakes and avoid some of the traps he fell into. Specifically, he is interested in helping people develop the language to be able to discuss their experiences with loved ones back home. Above all, Alex hopes to assist others along their own healing path, and that through ayahuasca, people can learn to love and accept themselves unconditionally.

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