Jocelyn Gonzalez

Facilitator, Translator

Jocelyn started on a healing path when she found herself looking for deeper understanding, lost in the high stress competitive landscape of her former life.
Having a long history working with plant medicine, it was ayahuasca that reconnected her true purpose. She found her calling and dedicated her life in service to the medicine, working and learning under several teachers and traditions.

Jocelyn is happy to integrate skills from her former life in education and the medical device industry into her work in facilitating ceremonies at Soltara. She uses a pedagogical approach, guiding guests to develop skills to take home with them. Her approach has been described as loving and nurturing, helping people feel comfortable with the journey ahead.

Jocelyn continues to live an international life, traveling through Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and Guatemala to work and study under different traditions. She works with several medicines in an effort to deepen her connection to the teacher plants. In addition to her work with plants medicine, she is an integration coach, reiki master, and teaches meditation and breathwork. She is so happy to share her love of plant medicine with guests at Soltara.

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